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Pinned on 21st May 2009


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Monday, June 29, 2009

My tribute to you Michael Joeseph Jackson.
This was one of the countless of songs I've listened to since I was 3 years old and my idol when I was 4.

Although this song was by Rockwell, you had your backups in the chorus which instantly captivated me. However, this song was also by Motown, which was your label at the beginning before you went off to Epic.

Rest in peace Michael Joeseph Jackson.

ps. Do enjoy yourself if you're on a secret island or living underground right now. I somewhat choose to believe that.

Posted by BearBrickER at 9:38 PM

Friday, June 26, 2009

25th June 2009
My birthday.
As unfortunate as it seems, it was
Michael Jackson's death.

I have always looked upon you as the most influential singer and performer. The best all-rounded singer in the world. I remember watching your shows and movie-like MTVs on ole' time LDs. My idol since I was of 4 years old.

Goodbye Moonwalker, we'll miss you dearly.
R.I.P Michael Joeseph Jackson (MJJ)

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:31 PM

Thursday, June 25, 2009

25th June - I just turned 19.

My dear VS friends celebrated an advanced birthday on Monday @ New York New York. =D

Below: My $15 "cake" from Subway LOL. Since I like having Subways, they got this for me!

Below: Guess what is this? Deep fried Mars Bar with Vanilla Chocolate. Too fattening and contains too much calories! It was also too sweet! Lol. Ate one piece of it. =))

Below: Aww, my dear brother gave me a present.
Below: It's a handphone holder. Thanks a lot Eugene!

Below: Beanie and a card [presents from my dear VS friends!]
Below: Heartfelt sentiments. :)
Below: Dosen't this look cool? 2 presents in one. Lol. Basically a turd wearing a beanie. xD

Below: Anyway, after the celebration @ NYNY, we headed to Yee Shian's house. He drove me and a few others there.

Look, there's an actual Karaoke room [KTV] in his house! zzzzzzzzzzz I wonder why he likes to frequent K-box so much. Lol.

Below: All of us enjoying songs from almost all the singers in the world! Basically what you'll see when you go K-box, Partyworld KTV etc.
Below: Went out with Samuel and Khairul on tuesday. Went to watch Land of The Lost by Will Ferrer. My short review: It seemed to me a low-cost production with somewhat entertaining effects and average jokes here and there. I will not watch it a 2nd time. =)

Today [my Birthday]: Went out with Julio and Betty earlier to Illuma. Went to eat at Manhattan's Fish Market. =D

After that, walked around at Bugis Street and Bugis Junction for a while. We headed to Orchard to meet up with Collin and a few other VS friends. =) It was to help promote our dear Miaoru who's in the Top 20 for Xing Guang PK 5. Very fun experience LOL. Jiayou Miaoru!

Below: Marcus on Julio's lap.

Below: Julio says it feels good! Lol. Nah, Marcus was tired.

Julio, Yikang.

Below: Guess who I met? Lol my cousin Frank! He called me to confirm that it was me after spotting my golden GG kicks. Off he goes to Australia in 11 days, have a safe journey!

Below: Elaine [my ex-VS friend & also 6 years my senior in SP] and Julio.

Below: Me, Eugene

Right now I would like to thank everyone for their countless birthday wishes through sms, msn and facebook! Also, would definitely like to thank my VS friends for celebrating my birthday on Monday. And S&K for celebrating on Tuesday. =D
Last but not least, my family for wishing me, parents for their red packets and my brother Eugene for his present! =))

Posted by BearBrickER at 12:53 PM

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dinner @ Miramar Hotel

Went to Miramar Hotel for dinner buffet. A treat from my aunt Janie due to her promotion [thank you for the treat!]. Also, it was a final gathering before my cousin Frank heads off to Australia for his 2 year degree course. All the best to you Frank and do miss us! Lol. Be sure to keep in contact! =D

Below: The older generation table
Starting from back [from left]: uncle Calvin, my Dad, aunt Janie, Gu Zhang, aunt Betty & my Mom

The younger generation [cousins] table:

Starting from back [from left]: Me, my bro Eugene, Jimmy, Frank, Poh Koon [Jessie's husband], Jessie, Evy [Jimmy's girlfriend] & Rachel.

Below: The mango pudding was nice. I remember eating this at the same hotel a few years back. Hence, I ate 4 cups of this. =P

I know this is kind of a long-ago news but I've been signed by Touch Music Publishing [TMP] for a 5 years composing/publishing contract last Thursday. =D I finally have a platform to promote my music! TMP is part of Ocean Butterflies. My training course has officially ended in a way so I do hope that there will be more breakthroughs down my music path!

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:48 AM

Friday, June 19, 2009

1st and foremost, before reading further:
Vote for her!

You can also sms 'S9' to 97171003! non-additional sms charges!
Click here to know more about her!

Piece of Shit!

Lol. my early birthday present from S&K! [not THAT S&K] =) my 2 secondary sch buddies!
So it's a nasty piece of shit for a present. Lol.

VS photos from Singapore Flyer.
Below: At Popeyes! *Went there to catch the debrief by Xueling laoshi lol.

Below: Collin and I. Guess his age hahah and he's a real energetic guy!

Previous outing with 4 of the Composers Clique [CC] lol

Below: Miaoru [her patented look] and Beishan

Below: 2nd time this happened to me this year. That's not a middle finger! That's a twist turned sideways! Man! and I'm giving that look. =P

Below: "Down from Up there" shot? This looks somwhat weird to me. Lol

Below: Marcus the cutie. lol.

Below: The gals say I look like a gangster when I'm not smiling. Lol. No comment for this photo. =O

Below: Evocative pose.

Below: Kicks in the workshop. How is this Supra with white shoelaces on?

Below: Or try green shoelaces on.

Below: Black or White? Black & White. =P
My GG & Supra kicks. Planning to get more of them soon if possible.

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:31 AM

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back home!
Below: Travelled by Grassland Express. Decided to watch The Simpsons Movie. My fave teevee episode!
Slept almost throughout the whole journey, 6 hours seemed like 2 hours to me. Reached KL in a jiffy.Went to Times Square to have lunch at Billy Bombers. This cheese macaroni sucked! The chicken there was nice though. =)
Below: Chinatown at night. Bought hoodies and tees here. Below: 2nd time in a day eating herbal jelly lol. It's cooling which makes you feel otherwise from the weather similar to Sg's.
Below: Spied =P
Below: Thanks to a kind Indian taxi driver, we were introduced to durian chocolate with no extra charge on the taxi fare! He drove us to Beryl's Chocolate Factory. Bought different types of chocolate back. Btw that's a history of chocolate on the wall.
Below: He then drove us to our destination, KLCC.
Below: Then my mom decided we give Madam Kwan's a try through recommendations. Below: It's something like a high-class cafe selling all the hawker stuffs from nasi lemak to laksa to fried kway teow etc. They do offer western selections too. Wide variety of food so not to worry!
Below: 15.90RM [6.60SGD] Char Kuay Teow dosen't taste nicer than the 6RM [2.50SGD] Char Kuay Teow I had at Chinatown.
Below: Goreng Pisang [Fried Banana] topped with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Below: KLCC [2nd time here] The last time I visited this place was when I went up the Petronas Tower.
Below: Peoples' eyes were tracking my shoes almost throughout the journey. Lol and there were 3 strangers actually told me in person they liked my kicks a lot on separate occasions! =O
Below: Bought Subway on the 1st night. Didn't taste nice due to the mustard. Lol. The bread tastes different too.
Below: My brother decided to swim so my dad accompanied him. Not long, after 10 mins, it started to rain. Lol.

Below: Went to Jalan Alor at night to have dinner. [very near Royale Bintang Hotel which I stayed at] Below: Had to try this Huang Ah Wang [W.A.W] out. It's the best food store amongst the other street stores. So much so that Subhash was dining there. Many Hong Kong and Taiwan stars go there to dine whenever they're in KL too. [Subhash is Singapore's top lawyer: those who know they're gonna have the death sentence usually finds him for help.] The food there was really good! The best I've had so far in KL.
Below: Managed to get the "glow" of light from the Petronas Twin Towers at night without flash.
Below: Guess who I met at night?! Tommy Chan! My buddy, Youtube buddy, Touch Publish buddy, Ocean Butterflies buddy from KL! Hahah! Apparently we're of the same height but different body masses. =P Below: It's the 1st time I met him in person. I've known him for almost 2 years through Youtube and we composed a song together without even meeting up around a year ago! =D
We went to Macdonalds to have his dinner and a drink he treated me. [Because we couldn't really think of anything else to eat] =D After eating, he decided to drive me around KL!

Below: Local night scene in KL, all the pubs and bistros.

Below: After a while in the main district, we took the highway and went pass Mid-Valley shopping mall. It's larger than Times Square and has 3 major anchors there: Jusco, Carrefour and MetroJaya. I only went there once before.
Below: After passing mid-valley. Still along the highway. We chatted alot as he drove along.
Below: Didn't really expect I'll be visiting Malaysia's Ocean Butterflies! =DD It was basically Halo Forest and Touch Publish there. It's located in Palm's Square. This was about 40 mins from where we started, bear in mind it's by car. Lol.
Below: I forgot the name of this place. If I can recall correctly it's Tebas or something. It's where all the young ppl hang out at night to chat, eat and drink. This was around 12.30am and there were as many ppl as you would see in Orchard Road at 8pm. Below: After the latter, we headed back to Bukit Bintang, back to my hotel's district.
Below: Finally found a spot to park. This is his car, 31 years old but it's still so powerful! Also, the air-conditioning is superbly strong. =) [blanked the no. plate out just in case]
Below: Went up to my room and passed him a small gift. Thanks a lot bro! Thanks a lot for showing me around KL [1st time meeting and having a friend drive me around KL and showing me the local spots] =) Let's meet up again! Next stop: Singapore! Lol

Below: I left my family to shop for a while on my own at Berjaya Times Square. It's easier shopping alone. faster and easier to go places.
Below: Went in search of my street wears. Finally found "Graffiti Town" which I saw from the web before my trip. It's on the 5th and 6th floor.

Below: Bought kicks! Guess which pair I bought? =P

Below: Bought Supra kicks! The other pair of kicks [GreedyGenius] was what I brought along as footwear for the journey.

Below: This is Berjaya Times Square. 10 full stories of shopping! [Won't be able to finish it in a day because there are still many other sections not in this photo] =P

Below: The following morning, my family went out without me as I wanted to sleep more in the hotel room. Didn't even go down for breakfast, just felt comfortable in the room.

Below: They went to The Pavillion. It's a new shopping mall.

Below: After checking out, we went to Times Square again because it's very near my hotel. Ate at Mary Brown. Sub-standard delicious food.

Below: Bought the hoodie, tee and cap from Chinatown. =D

Below: What I had bought for apparel from the 1st day to the 2nd day.

Posted by BearBrickER at 12:11 AM