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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Piano Battle 2

Piano Battle 2 video that I had took an hour ago. Yesterday's one was shorter and have parts taken out from the song. This is the full one. Enjoy!! ^^

Posted by BearBrickER at 10:08 PM

Piano Battle 2

hmm..I've been practicing Piano Battle 2 for a while today. Those of you who watched the MVs or the film "Secret", you guys should know the piano battle between the two guys. I didn't catch the movie though. =( There's mistakes, so please pardon me. Just played and recorded for fun. (",)

when jay was a be a Digital Image

Posted by BearBrickER at 12:53 AM

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Piano Videos Update

The video I'll be featuring today is a very VERY fresh piece of music just scooped out from my brain. It's 周杰伦 - "不能说的秘密" 插曲 钢琴版, or "Secret" Main Theme from the film. I just recorded it today so it's brand new!! Don't ask me for the scores please cause I don't have it. I played it by ear. (",) Enjoy it!! I've spent a lot of time doing the recording and playing.

URL: Click Here!!


Posted by BearBrickER at 4:31 PM

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Recently, I've been playing several piano pieces and recording videos of my playings. They are already uploaded onto Youtube. My very first video was "Sha Shou, 杀手" by Lin Jun Jie, the Singaporean composer and vocalist. Also, it's my most viewed video, so enjoy!! Well, nuff said.. View the videos if you have the time. Just type "Terence Foo" on Youtube and my videos will be listed. ^___^
I'll feature a few videos below. Partake!!

I also took the liberty to perform "Secret, 周杰伦- 不能说的秘密" by Jay Chou. Featured in the film "Secret". Video below.. ^^

Will feature somemore whenever I blog!!


Posted by BearBrickER at 7:43 PM

Love Me Not?

I'm blogging like so many times now and this happens to be my 3rd post for the day.

On wednesday, 10am JE Entertainment Centre, I met up with Aylwin for ice-skating and I totally sucked!! I "gave up" after 2 hours and now I'm not too sure whether to continue learning. Ming Yong wanted to ice-skate but he was in super short shorts, slippers, t-shirt. -.-" No one skates in that outfit or else you will freeze to kingdom come. HAHAH.. Jess arrived shortly and we had our lunch at Long John Silver's. After eating, we initially decided to rent a room at Christofori Music School but in the end, we agreed on singing at K-Box. Man, was that session the funniest. I did several video recordings while we were singing. View it below. Sang till the time was 6 in the evening.

video K-Box

After K-Box, I was damn tired but I had to attend a 7th Month Festival dinner near my aunt's house. That wasn't as good as I expected because I guess I'm too used to my grandparents' set-up at "Telok Blanga" every year. Will be attending this year's dinner too. Please don't think of me as a religious person cause I don't think I really am. Taoist and Buddhist?? A fusion of both for my mom especially.

These few days, I've been gaming in Soldier Front or Sf for short. It's a multi-player online game where bad and good guys get shot. Basically soldier stuff. Visit the website if you would like to play:


Posted by BearBrickER at 2:32 AM

No More Bananas

Went to J.B in Malaysia the week before with my family. We headed to the usual place. Headed to Jusco, some shopping mall like vivo city. We usually dine at Pizza Hut which I don't quite like. So this time round we ate at Manhattan Fish Market, similar to Fish & Co. in terms of standard. The usual, I ordered Fish and Chips (my favourite food?? hahah). My bro second his meal and my pappy and mom ordered a "Set for 2" platter. For that platter, there was a "performance" by one of the staff there. She used a "flame thrower??" to further heat the platter and possibly taint and blackened the food

I forgot to mention. The price for the Fish and Chips was 14.90RM which is about 7 Sing dollars. Fish & Co.'s Fish and Chips costs $13.90. See the difference?? LOL

The day before I went to J.B, our final exam, WEB Publishing, ended. We took the liberty to celebrate at Fish & Co., a few of my friends, namely Zaidi, Ming Yong, Raymond and Gordan. It was Zaidi's, Ming Yong's and Raymond's 1st time there and they rated the fish "not bad". It's better than "not bad" for my taste.. ^^ After eating, we went for a game of pool.

Pool Video


Posted by BearBrickER at 1:47 AM


It has been quite a while since I last blogged.

Several days ago, I had a gathering with my class's PTN (personal tutor). We alighted at buona vista and walked what seemed to me a thousand miles long. Finally, we reached our destination and the name of the place, well.."Settlers"?
We literally played board games, had a free lunch treat from Daryl the PTN. Oh so place and stuff..

After dinning at Settler, we took the train to Bugis and some of us went to Sim Lim Square for a job interview cum briefing. I went with the others to Bugis Junction. Shaun bought his wallet and we headed to the arcade. Played "Outrun" the latest version with a car body pimped to the machine and with simulator-like effects when driving. Challenged a middle-aged guy and "Outrun" or outran him..Some of us decided to have dinner at at a nearby coffeeshop. I beg to differ though, it didn't taste nice. The wanton mee was seriously too spicy, ming yong seconds that. 3 bucks for it, "ok" price for food sold in town. Nearing to leaving Bugis, I quickly went to V8 Cafe to buy some Cheesey Wedges and brought it home to eat.

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:34 AM

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh yay!~!~!

Well, this week then...On monday, erwin(my 3d maya lect) released the results for your 1st assignment of the module. Well, got an A!! Will show some pictures of it later on. I did a Volkswagon New Beetle and redid it thrice!! OMG!! But then again, I completed the 3rd try in 5 days...basically spent a tad long while to complete it. Erwin's gonna leave us for a better stint in Columbus, Ohio. Graduated from Ohio State University, the faculty is asking him to go back there to teach...Well, though it's kinda sad to see him go, my heartfelt wishes to him and all the best in his future stint!!

Also...did a solo presentation on tuesday for OC and scored 78/100. Alright for me, but that's my style of presenting, can't really change it. Scratch that anyway...My next presentation, a group presentation for IDEA. Gonna do a Photoshop poster of selling the product. Kinda interesting, though a tad bit tired from all the assignments coming in. Anyway, java exam is on next friday and math the following monday, drats!! Nevermind, I'm gonna hustle my way through the "bushes" and "get out of the forest safe and well"...

a piece of crap, my 1st try, too many vertices...deleted the whole thing...

2nd try, too many vertices too, but an improvement from the last piece

3rd and best try...done it!!

final rendered image of the Beetle...



Posted by BearBrickER at 8:34 PM