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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bye guys??
Always the quiet get-away

will be leaving sg in a few hours, heading overseas for a get-away..
will be gone for a week or so..^^
6 more hours!~ and i haven't packed!!~ omg
Since my M'sia 师兄弟got his personal studio and put photos online, i shall do the same!!~ XD
His is GC Studio Production, GC is his nickname, which stands for "Genius Composer"..hahah..hence GC Studio Production..
So here's mine!!~
Welcome to Musicaland Audio Studio&Productions
Please arhhh dun laugh..hehehe =P
will intro more when i get back to SG!~ photos for now!~ partake..

night recording, very comfortable and relaxing oneeee...^_^"

Posted by BearBrickER at 10:33 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2008


"The Same Dream"

Same Dream Yi Yang De Meng Xiang - Tommy & Terenze

Earlier in one of my posts I wrote that my friend 师兄弟 from Malaysia and I were in the midst of a duet song..i composed the song, he (Tommy) wrote the lyrics and we sync together!!~

Very nice lyrics!!~ 2 days ago i received his lyrics and demo via e-mail coz we live too far apart..^^then ytd i went on to create the tune and beat..sang my parts also then sent to him..he then added in his guitar playing and his voice..=)

about an hour ago i received another e-mail and attached was our song!~ hehehe

our song is about the 2 of us, having the same dream and aspirations, trying to get a name for ourselves in the music industry!!~ =D

He's from Halo Forest in KL and I'm from Music Forest in Singapore..

both from Ocean Butterflies..

enjoy listening!!



曲:Terenze Foo (Singapore) @ Home Studio Production
词:Tommy Chan (Malaysia) @ GC Studio Production

Terenze: 一样的梦想,一样的路在前方,我们向往。
Tommy: 一样的梦想,一样的光在绽放,我们飞扬。

Terenze: 不同的我们拥有着同样的梦。
Tommy: 任谁都听得懂,
Terenze: 我们这一首。
Together: 努力的音符为了 成功歌颂。

Tommy: 不同的我们追逐着同样的梦。
Terenze: 不管冷嘲热讽,
Tommy: 承受一切的痛。
Together: 到最后我们的命运会由自己操控。

Together: 拥有一样的梦,我们有一天会成功。


I feel like we're just like Ryn Lin and JJ Lin..LOL

JJ Lin Jun Jie, A-Do and Lin Yu Zhong - Ben Xiao Hai

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:16 AM
The IR (Integrated Resort) is ready and up!!~

Now okayy you'll be a fool to belive my load of crap..hahah the IR will only be ready in late 2009..XD
Went on the Singapore Flyer aka SGflyer yesterday along with Samuel and Khairul..
usual ticket price at $29.50 i only got it for $20 because my family and I know a local tour guide and my mom got it from for boat rides etc can be gotten from her too..^^
~note to brain "stop yakking and let the photos do the talking"..
1st floor (not on the flyer yet)

on the way to the capsule woohoo we're up!!~
Japanese duo and a Chinese from China rode along with us =)
spoke to them too..^^
the F1 racetrack..september!! i'm looking forward to the event!!
all photos taken by my 2mp camera phone

Khairul & I
taken from Samuel's phone

the 3 of us..taken by the japanese dude
he took the photo like this "1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1"..lmao so funny!!~

Singapore's skyline with another capsule (bottom left)

Bird's Eye View?

me and khairul once again

Nearing the top!!~
at the highest altitude of the Sgflyer!!~

yeah also camwhored on the flyer..hehehe XD
yes the fake IR (model) that i "fooled" you with..hahah
it's located right at the bottom when the ride is about to end..=P

model of the flyer at the
My views on the flyer?
pretty nice!~ would like to go at night though but my ticket won't allow me to do so..only before 6pm..but if i'm not wrong, i can go everyday using the same ticket of mine..^^
Other than pretty nice it's pretty short too..^^

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:40 AM

Monday, August 25, 2008

第二天堂 - 林俊杰


Posted by BearBrickER at 3:54 PM

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Studios STudios STUdios

Home Studio

Yeah just showing you guys my home studio to serve audio-recording purposes. There's my music keyboard (the golden-silver one) with a lot of things placed on top of it. Now to share more stuffs. The item circled on yellow is my audio interface which plugs in the music keyboard and my condenser aka studio microphone (circled in white)..Whatever I play will be directly and digitally transffered into my pc (not in the photo!) into my music software Cubase LE. The one circled in blue is a sure-know, yarhh it's a My music headphone comes with super solid bass response and it's ultra clear cannnn..Headphones by Sennheiser, my Audio Interface by Lexicon and my Condenser by Audio Technica. My music keyboard by Casio..hahaah!!~That's what I have learnt so far in the field of home-studio audio recording. Also thanks to Luther and his company for helping me out getting the most ideal equipments (Circled in the photo) some time back.

And now presenting Black Magic Design Studio..

Headed to Black Magic Studio in the afternoon with my class and lecturer..

A lot of foreign talents there who are experts and yeah "Master Trainer" in the field of Post-Production Video. They edited the film "The Dance of The Dragon" starring Fann Wong (never watched the film before) and has undertook some major advertorials featuring Vaseline etc..

1st video showing some guy who's my lect's friend talking casually to us

and 2nd video featuring our host for the day showing us the only film scanner (the big black "box") in the whole of Singapore which costs 600k USD? =.=" and they had various machines which have a storage space of 40TB..omfg..

Yes they are "workAholics" and also "enjoyAholics"..They can grab any food found in the kitchen (photo below) ranging from different soft drinks, muffins, cookies, and a 3 set buffet tray with two staples in separate containers. Yarhh and a pool table in front.

The colorist has this whole room (below) to himself and a big LCD TV in front of him to watch his films and 3 pc monitors to handle his work.
The big black "box" 600k lehh!!!!!!!!! go die mannn..

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:13 AM

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jade Seah on the "F" word

Getting "F"lung out of the media industry would be a good idea

You know, I thought I should do my part in sharing this video with Singapore.

Her Mandarin isn't good and she can't pronounce chinese words properly.

So she should stick to the English scene right?

But then again, in the English scene, she cursed on National TV while kids & their family were watching the news.

In the 1st place, her characteristics isn't fit to be a newscaster.

"Go on MDA and Mediacorp, do your worst!"

Well, she's still continuing her hosting with her co-host..^^

Posted by BearBrickER at 12:33 PM

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The story of the sour grapes American Media & several Americans..
*In No Way Is This Post A Hatred Towards America, I still love America..=)*
*Article by: Chris Chase
Look, I don't know much about gymnastics, but I do know that landing a vault on two feet is better than landing one on two knees. Olympic gymnastics judges evidently disagree with me, as they awarded China's Cheng Fei a bronze medal yesterday even after she fell on her vault landing. American Alicia Sacramone finished fourth despite, you know, not falling.
And today, 12-year old 16-year old Chinese gymnast
He Kexin won gold over Nastia Liukin based on an obscure tiebreaking rule. The two received the same score from the judges, but He won a tiebreak because an Australian judge apparently was watching a different competition.
Every judging break seems to have gone China's way during these Olympics. I'm not suggesting a conspiracy, I just think that judges are humans who are influenced by big names, fans and other external factors. Oh, and they're also terrible. Judged events will always be viewed with skepticism by those who lose for this reason, particularly those who lose to a member of the home delegation. (Think
Roy Jones Jr. at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.)
It is because of this skewed inconsistency that Fourth-Place Medal introduces The Real 2008 Medal Count. Our medal count will tally medals won in sports decided on the field of play, not by a judge in a teal blazer.
The judged Olympic events we will ignore for our tally are: boxing, diving, equestrian, gymnastics, judo, taekwondo, trampoline and wrestling. We debated whether to include boxing, wrestling and the martial arts in the list, as they can be decided by competitors. However, because the judging is prone to error and shenaningans, we will include it.
The Real 2008 Medal Count
China: 22 gold; 11 silver; 11 bronze
United States: 21 gold; 19 silver; 21 bronze
As you can see, in the events where medals are determined by competitors rather than judges, the gold medal gap between China and the U.S. is greatly narrowed, and the total medal count is an American runaway. Counting the judged events, China has a commanding lead in golds. Hmmm... Nope, nothing fishy about that!
*End of Article
Look at the way Mr Chase has written his goddamn imature and upsetting..
Already this is the 2nd article of the day about China being unfair towards their atheletes..
So what he means is the judges are all biased and unfair?? "Asswipe? The judges consist of people from over the world belonging to the IOC??"
I can't believe "Yahoo!" published his article online.
*An earlier incident right after the opening ceremony (They also had something to say): Several fireworks were fake to the viewers at home and obviously the final torch bearer wasn't running along the wall of the Bird's Nest Stadium.
"Yeah both points were true but to the extend that they wrote it in such a way that defamed China as a whole, flashbacking(towards me) and reflecting the high imitation goods China has.
And not only Mr Chase here makes me furious, take a look at the comments below..
Negative Comments
"Don't forget that seven of China's medals come from badmiton and two come from table tennis (or ping-pong, as we called it when I was a kid). In my opinion this lowers China's "real" medal count even further, as these two things should not be olympic events."
Eric E posted on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 12:50 pm EDT
"My 2 cents worth: =.=" What a childish comment coming from people like this whom I really hate. They tend to think they know everything one (Singlish intended) know that type of people.."
"See this is what I'm talking about. They hate to see us win."
qwertyy posted on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 12:26 pm EDT
"- How are we are poor loser? They fell which means they don't get a f*ckin medal dumba$$ LOL...all of a sudden scoring rules don't apply to Americans anymore? BTW, you really forgot how Paul Hamm "won" his all around 4 years ago, didn't you? ;)"
Wei D posted on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 12:31 pm EDT
"If it weren't for haters we would be blowing everyone out of the water in medals right now. "
qwertyy posted on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 12:34 pm EDT
So damn sore losers right??
Still, sore losers, sour grapes, immaturity, childishness, whatever, there are also Americans who stood up for what they believe in, that the IOC and judges are not biased and unfair. That's great..Positive comments below:::
Positive Comments
"sore loser- this article is very immature and everyone seems to know the number of GOLD medals determine the medal rankings, not the number of all medals except for, you know, the United States "
ckailmeb posted on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 12:35 pm EDT
"American media is complaining about everything in this Olympics just because they lose. Show some sportsmanship. Beside most of these judges are from other countries, not from China."
1 posted on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 12:36 pm EDT
"This is pathetic. Even the reporters are sore losers. As a chinese American born in the U.S., the all superior reactions of the people in the nation around me are starting to make me lose faith in my BIRTH COUNTRY. And you wonder why native born chinese feel beleaguered."
bread posted on Monday, Aug 18, 2008 12:39 pm EDT
etc etc..
*In No Way Is This Post A Hatred Towards America, I still love America..=)*

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:07 AM

Monday, August 18, 2008

To stay at home OR to work at home?? LOL

Yeah so I've found a job during my 2 month break and this job allows me to do it at home..
I can't disclose what it is but it is definitely
pay wise i think i'm getting paid as a whole..meaning there's no "per-hour" kind of pay..still not TOO sure how much but I can tell you it's better than normal..=)
I need to get some income since I've the chance to do so..
My friends mostly have more cash than me for sure..because I invested in my music some time recently..Although I've already kind of "planned" out my career in the future which has something to do with the music industry, still, inevitables are inevitables. I hope, on account of my various music compositions and lyrics, and able to sing without any pitching problems (due to my piano training when I was 12), 海蝶森林 or some other music record company will let me in..^^ music arranging, ryhthm composer etc..=D

Yeah so..anyway this is my海蝶森林师兄弟 from Malaysia..pretty cool right having a 师兄弟 from overseas..We have the same aspirations and make it big in the music industry..we're currently trying to collaborate a song by us both..He studies in Malaysia's Halo Forest whereas I, in Singapore's Music Forest..both are under the same music record company..I feel like we're JJ Lin (SG) and Lin Yu Zhong (M'SIA)..LOL both are them are also 师兄弟..

This is his performance in 2005, his video when he was in high school I think..

He already attended the "Very Singer" also known as "非常歌手训练班" in Malaysia..I think it's the very 1st batch over there..I want to join Singapore's one but I heard they're currently not having any so I'll probably have to wait and continue my vocal training at Music Forest. Vocal training and "Very Singer" are about the same just that Vocal training is based only on vocals (dance and stage performance in the Advanced Category) whereas "Very Singer" focuses on vocals and instruments mainly throughout..basically the bottomline is the NAME & BRAND of the whole gig..

This one is a recent one..around 7 August..(his hairstyle is a different one..more of a rock & pop type)..

Posted by BearBrickER at 11:21 AM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Updates on the hammies!~
Photos taken: 1 week ago

My fingers and the hamster comparison..they have already grown bigger..almost the size of 2 fingers together when they lie down on their tummies..=D

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:50 AM

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Woohoo the 2008 Beijing Olympics has commenced!!~
Wahhh it was a spectacular ceremony which China spent 40Billion USD on..well worth it!!!!!
China, the inventor of fireworks, made sure they showed their magnificence..
Performances galore!!~ and for 4 hours long..=.="
President Hu Jin Tao giving his long-winded but meaningful speech..XD
I like the design of the podium, resembles the ancient scroll of China..
China's ex-sportsman running the very final leg of the torch relay..
running like he was in "The Matrix" with great skill..
and he lights up the main Olympic torch..
Singapore team led by li jiawei a CHINA woman..but nonetheless it's about the spirit..
the costume kinda sucks..take a look at team USA with their Ralph Lauren jackets and white berrets with polo tees and sailor pants..=P
As you can tell the difference in the flags' held positions between jiawei and yaoming
their jackets are of the same colour lol
9 year old sichuan earthquake survivor with Yao Ming

Even Jackie Chan appeared to give moral support
and JJ Lin also went there to cheer them on!!~ (it's summer there so it's freaking hot)
Photos from JJ himself..partake

And now, I just did another cover on 爱与希望 for my vocal exam coming up soon..
Am thinking of singing this song..played the tune on keyboard myself (self minus-one) give me comments!!~ as for general info, my voice you'll hear is my current standard..(with more power and better pronounciation) both are my weaknesses..

ai yu xi wang - Terenze

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:26 AM

Friday, August 08, 2008

1 hour and 20 more mins to the start of the Beijing 2008 Olympics!!~

Here's JJ arriving in Beijing Airport, China preparing for the Olympics torch relay held on 6th Aug..the fans were all following
latest update :Due to safety reasons, JJ ran the torch relay on 6th Aug instead of 8th Aug
BTW his Japanese name is "Lemonade Tempura" and he dosen't like it..XD!!

Posted by BearBrickER at 6:38 PM
JJ Lin Jun Jie's Olympic Torch Relay Photos!!~
Wayne Lim Jun Jie
Photos Shot with: Canon EOS 40D

Can tell he was very happy to have participated in the

He even saluted to everyone..=.=" hahaha!!~

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:58 AM