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Pinned on 21st May 2009


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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hahah got my pay today!! man i can't wait to get that guitar!! going out this thursday for vocal training with OB friend and also getting the guitar on the way!~ =]
went to Jurong Medical Centre (JMC) earlier this afternoon..had an appointment with a ear specialist and an audiologist..the stupid ear wax has been clogged in my left ear for 1 week and 1 day!! My specialist asked me some standard questions and then went on with my day surgery. I sat on a chair similar to that of a dental patient's chair but mine was more sophisticated..he then stuck a tube into my left ear.. my specialist had 2 nurses by his side..he then said "sucker on"..i felt the sucker getting louder and louder while more suction was form..then the disgusting part came, i could literally feel the ear wax getting sucked out of my ear..the sucker was used for about a min plus!! imagine how much ear wax it was!! LOL very disgusting..then my left ear could hear again!!~ then I headed to the Audiology room to test my hearing (both ears)..something like a recording studio, only smaller. The audiologist told me my hearing was perfect and I went back to my specialist. he classified me under "Discharged" so that means I don't have to go back for any check-ups whatsoever..=]
here's a montage of me..lmao

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:21 AM

Monday, September 29, 2008

happy days
Am feeling quite elated, more to delighted these few days..
1st I'm getting my 2nd paycheck today!! about 900sgd..I'm gonna save part of it (because I have a 3rd paycheck coming in 2 weeks time too) and I'm spending about half of it on a brand new guitar! A Takamine guitar!! (logo above) It's a Japanese brand with state of the art integrated technology..something like LCD tuner screen and beat screen on the guitar itself..they are small lil' devices added to Takamine's guitars..=D
Will head to Davis Guitar at peninsular this week! Wanted to buy a semi-acoustic about 5 months ago but couldn't find the guitar I wanted..My friend bought a totally black guitar a few days ago from the same shop, will show you peeps the photos once I ask him to take photos of it..=]
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Btw here's my white acoustic guitar (bought from China..30sgd cheap like hell and sucks like hell??) i brought it onto the airplane and stashed it onto the overhead compartment..the only thing I like about it is that it looks so nice!! I keep it for display purposes.. the other one on the left is a Classical Asahi Guitar..been using it since I was 13 years old..still handles very well..the only thing is I don't really like classicals because the frets are wider than acoustics..(either that or the strings are more difficult to press and sound compared to acoustics)..XP

bcoz my fingers have been "tuned" to piano style..I have to work more on my guitar skills..(will post a video of a demo song with the new guitar soon!) I don't think most of my friends know I can play the guitar..but anyway..piano's my main instrument..^_^"
Watch this video!! Brad Davis plays the Takamine! very pro!! (bcoz he can switch from jazz to blues to bluegrass and to rock)

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:17 AM

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sighs!! just finished arranging a song requested by my m'sia friend, Tommy..
the song is called 《搶玫瑰》meaning "Snatching Roses"..I sang my part (JJ Lin's part) and he'll be singing his part (Lin Yu Zhong's part)..
i have a live version of the song in Youtube..go hear it!! it's unique that's all I have to tell ue!~ XP

Nahhhh here is the photo of LIN YU ZHONG Belle!!!! lol

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:47 AM

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Ma" Southpark Character..XP

JJ Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰 exclusive interview (3/9/08)

In this exclusive interview, JJ Lin talks about his upcoming new album and some advise for students of Ocean Butterflies Music Forest.



Posted by BearBrickER at 11:36 PM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm now temporarily "deaf" in my left ear..
it's clogged!!
ain't sure whether it's water/wax stuck in it or a minor inner-ear infection where the gap closes till it heals..=.="
i can hear with the left ear but it's a lil muffled..
i'll make do with my right ear for now when it comes to singing etc..

当你 - TERENZE 清唱

I did a 清唱 on the same day I heard this song..although this song is like 5 years old and composed by LJJ..I should make myself expose to other songs by other singers instead of the same ole' ones like JJ, Chao Ge, Lee Hom, Show..some others which I have listened to but not all their songs are Tank, Ryn Lim, Ah Du, Jolin Tsai, Evan..XP

can't find Lin Yu Zhong's candid photo, will try to fish for it and post it here..paisehpaiseh..=X

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:10 AM

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random..VERY random..
yeah very random post..
Guess what these 2 screenshots are??

this is the software which I use for my composing, recording and editing..
looks very tedious right??
yeah it's very tedious..XP
when I first got my hands on "Cubase", it was terrible..was frantic about how to record and how to export music with the "in" and "out" channel outputs..=.="
then after about an hour or so, i got the hang of it..this is what most of the music industry is currently using..(just like most of the filming industry is using "Final Cut Pro" aka FCP).
the screenshots are the recordings I did for "Always Online"..I literally recomposed the whole song..

海蝶森林 my vocal training class at OB earlier today..siann didn't get to sing just now coz can't play the songs in the disc..=X..nvm exam is pushed further for a week!! so there's more time to practice..hehe =P


MUSIC cap rocking my MUSIC world

Got my "MUSIC" cap from belle's friend ytd..went to bugis..while I was there I met 2 of my sec sch friends now in for quite awhile..when it was 5 plus I headed near to Fu Lu Shou to meet my parents..

this cap is hand made as in the words..cap is already created beforehand..

when turned up-side down, the word "MUSIC" will also be read as "MUSIC"..

Hamster Playing Dead

YES it's about MY hamster playing dead!! omg they did this to me like 3 times!!
just now teddy (the whiter hamster) was on the running wheel and my right hand was touching her..then my left hand moved in and she "dropped dead" straight away as though fainting..=.="

interesting lil critters..=D i captured her playing death on video!..hehe

this's Rex

that's Teddy..


my poly friend bought me and some others this filming instrument called a clapperboard..
he got this from Australia's right?? lol

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:04 AM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JJFC Radio
Yeah I'm featured in JJFC radio again this time on "Always Online"..
Carol, da DJ, contacted me when I was overseas on Saturday..LOL asked me whether I could help them out by singing "Always Online" and had up till Sunday afternoon to complete..anyway I agreed and submitted on Sunday early morning as in 2, 3am..was so tired when I was singing and I gave my best!! Carol actually complimented me in the radio podcast..hahah quite funny and touching the way she put it..thanks a lot anyway!! ^_^"
very fast, 've already reached episode 97!! 3 more and it'll be the 100th!! =D

Converse 08 Century

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:25 AM

Monday, September 15, 2008

Always Online JJ Lin feat: Terenze - Terenze

Always Online (feat:Terenze)

作曲:JJ 林俊傑

作詞 :林怡鳳



《Always Online - Terenze Cover - JJ Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰》

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:36 AM

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Converse"s" & M'sia

Went to Malaysia in the morning with family bcoz household needed to replenish stocks such as cooking oil etc..My reason for tagging along was to get a shoe larhh!~ Saw one that I really liked! (there dat shoe below!!!!!!!!!! ARGHH!!!!!!!!)
Then went to Tebrau City's Coverse to get it but only got size 8 (come on mannn)..then went back to Pelangi's Coverse and asked the saleswoman..told me only got size 7!!!! $^!#$%#$%@#%$!!!!!
In the end I got another Coverse design bcoz my current shoe sucks in terms of looks and although brand is WeinBrenner, it's bought from BATA (Buy And Throw Away)..
Will show the shoe 2ml coz now very sleepy (3.44am and very lazy to take photo)..

Nothing much really happened, just went to eat breakfast..too full to have our lunch or dinner (i dunno which one because the timings are so close to each other) at in the end bought food from the hawker centre we always go in REALLY a HAWKER CENTRE..those old old type one..paiseh no photo to show ue guys..=X
On the way back to Singapore (yes in Singapore) *both photos
bought Fish Cereal!!! the chinese term is "Mai Pian Yu" usually most people would go for Cereal Prawn but since I dun like eating prawns I ordered fish!~ XD not surprising there's some "Tze Char" stalls in Singapore which sell this Cereal Fish dish..=)
Yarhh then this's my "Chee Zhong Fan" I like to spell it that way!~
Done Restaurant style!! very heavenly!

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:33 AM

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ytd went to vivo and had Superdog's for lunch with Samuel.

After that went to watch the Star Wars Clone Wars..

pretty nice..a lot of fighting but it also gets boring at times..

for those guys who wanna watch this movieeeeee..ue can actually buy the vcd or dvd and watch it at's more worth it that way because I got pretty bored in the movies..but the animation is nice!~


Headed to Tenchi to get my e.Sal Monkey..for display purposes..XD

Bought a big one which is also a coin box at $29 and a smaller on at $12..comes with clothing and hair also..LOL

Actually I wanted to get a Bearbrick from Action City(because I had receive my freelance pay) but then it wasn't nice so I went up to Tenchi to get my monkey..

MORE PHOTOS of the monkey BELOW!!


After that I went to get bedding for my hammies..i bought this 50 litre one at $53 bcoz compared to the 10 litre it's like half the price which costs $18

During my vocal class..dun know whether this video is allowed or not..but anyway it's uploaded to blogger and blogger only..^^



Smaller monkey with the afro hair..

Posted by BearBrickER at 5:49 PM

Saturday, September 06, 2008



Will be singing this song for my vocal exam..

I've listened to this song like almost 2 years ago??

only until a few days ago i had learnt the lyrics!!..

this time round it's diction and pronounciation as required..

once again song is by JJ... of course..

dunno whether that was good..=X will be singing that in class later on!~

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:11 AM

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Short Trip Overseas
Batam, Indonesia
Came back on Tuesday afternoon which was yesterday..
alighted at Harbourfront and my whole family decided to have Taiwan Shilin Snacks for

Short trip took place in Batam, Indonesia..Very nice place..slightly smaller than Singapore as in Batam alone..definitely modernised and something familiar to Malaysia's JB..just that things in Batam are somewhat cheaper and people there are friendlier..

the girls there quite pretty and simple in looks.. also, talked to a lot of people there who can understand and even speak 3 languages: Malay, Mandarin and cool!~

1st day: woke up at 6am (only 2-3 hours of sleep!!) then headed to HarbourFront. Took the ferry to Batam for about an hour..damn long and weather was damn hot..upon arrival, we looked for our one day tour guide and boarded the bus..he's quite funny..spoke Mandarin, English and Melayu to all of us..of course his english isn't that good but good effort nonetheless.

Headed to the largest temple in the world and then bought some food stuff from small stores..right after we went for seafood lunch at the Golden Prawn..hahaha the fish was nice and tempura squids was also nice (although i only ate the flour and then didn't really eat the squid XD)

Right after we went to, omg, 4 shopping centres..quite tiring also..bought a few apparel from this store called "Felic"'s like Singapore's "77th Street" where they sell many things that appeal to the young and the young in mind..

We went to Nyagoya Hill Shopping Mall and had lunch there..
Found 4 eateries on the 3rd level and we chose "Happiness Restaurant" there cost around 2.50SGD per meal but bear in mind this is a shopping centre style and quality so it's considered very cheap..

Here we go, the menu

Spicy Fish (so damn nice and spicy!~ =P) Fried Ice-Cream (Vanilla Flavour) my bro had chocolate..Not bad but flour too much and ice cream too little so melts quite fast..=)

Btw this shopping centre is just beside my's really near!~ very convenient for us..and I ate at this Happiness Restaurant twice and ordered takeaways back to my hotel once!~ =D It's the largest and newest shopping centre in Batam and my Hotel is the newest hotel in Batam too! Only about 5 months old..=P

After this shopping mall we headed to another one which was older but quite big also and that was where I bought my 1st apparel of the day from "Felic" (photo above where i'm wearing the striped jacket)..

Then right after that we went into Mega Mall, located opposite the ferry terminal. There, we ate again but this time lightly because we spotted A&W!!!!!!!!!!~ YAY!!! after so many years since the last A&W in Singapore closed in 2003 I finally get to dine at an A&W outlet once again..bought the waffle with ice-cream and then ordered curly fries. was so so full at that time and still managed to cram in part of the waffle and curly fries..hehe

How the traffic is like in Batam, Indonesia (near Mega Mall)

After that was "sayonara" to the one day tourists in the tour bus with us..and we stayed for like.. 3 days..lmao =.=" After the tour guide settled everything while we were in the bus, he and the bus driver drove the big bus to a main road. Only 4 of us in the bus (my whole family including me) because most of the group went home and some of them had already took a van to their hotel far far away from the city. The sky turned dark from there and our tour guide who introduced himself as "Rudy Hartono" (lol) went to take his car opposite the road..i think it's his in front of his travel company where he works..then we took his car and he drove us to along the way..very funny guy. One thing about Indonesia is that their poverty line is quite can see beggars asking for money on the roads!~ we went past one mother and daughter on the road and the side mirror was so close to the daughter's face!! omg mann..her head could have flown off if the car was travelling at a fast speed..

Reached iHotel near 6pm Singapore time and checked into our rooms..was separated from my parents bcoz our rooms were about 2 rooms apart due to other tourists who checked in during the i shared the room with my bro..very nice hotel..outside our rooms there's soothing music playing from the speakers and almost everything was provided for..hotel was cheap..around $80 per night and we had 2 rooms..

they even have BROADBAND INTERNET in our rooms!!~a pity didn't bring my heavy laptop

After checking in for half an hour, we headed to Nyagoya Shopping Mall again to have our dinner and to shop

This is only the outer front of the shopping centre (no air-conditioning here)..

All the toysss!!

Entering through the front entrance
Heart of the shopping mall with the Indonesia's flag in the middle for their National Day

Headed up the 2nd and 3rd floors of the mall..2nd and 1st more to shopping and 3rd floor for food and entertainment such as the movies, karaoke, pool, ice cream palour, arcade etc..

Look!!~ 88th Street there just like Singapore's 77th Street!~ but this "street" dosen't sell many things, only girl's stuff (as you can see, very small shop)..
Went to the 3rd floor and ate at Bistro Cafe (can't remember the name clearly)

drinks galore!~ very cheap around 12,ooo rp about 1.80sgd (for these type of drink it's very cheap..would cost ard 4sgd minimum..


2nd day: nothing much just more to shopping and entertainment!!

shopped at their megamart


Be@rBrick shirt!! but didn't get it coz too small (including other bearbrick tee-shirts) Instead, got a Stussy shirt from the same shop

where i got most of my caps

Then we went to Happiness Restaurant to dine once again!!~

Ordered the Spicy Fish Rice Rp 16,000

Same type of fish, Spicy Fish but ordered separately Rp 28,000 =p

Went into "The Monic" a KTV outlet on the 3rd floor
40,000 rp per hour around 6.34sgd

and this store called "Sunboss" wahh..very daring lehh..look at what they're selling!!

C.I.A sehhh =D

My mom went to wash/blow her hair at this salon in Nyagoya Hill Shopping Mall..XD around 3sgd

bought this cap along with 3 other caps..=P

takeaway to hotel fried rice (very delicious!)

take-away spicy fish meal too!~ yes i ate both but didn't really eat the fried rice because too much small vegetables inside..

and then...also ate curly fries from Bistro Cafe!~ hehehe very bloated..

also..ate during the 9pm Channel 8 final episode!!~ yeah this hotel had Singapore's Channel 5 and 8 too!~ good right see that's why i say this hotel's great!~ and cheap

the caps that I bought (excluding the black one at the back bought in Singapore)

Breakfast at iHotel for 2 days..very very nice!!!! of course it's F.O.C because we stayed at the hotel..XD and it's buffet..

iHotel taken from Nyagoya Hill Shopping's near trust me..

Panaroma view of hotel room (moved to a connecting room on the 2nd day)

Swimming Pool and whirpool spa (the circle one) just outside our window

on the mini bus to the ferry terminal

on the ferry (went to the bottom seating where it's air-conditioned) =D

Reaching Singapore..

What we spent on and how much we spent..=.="
credits to my parents..

Kueh Lapis 12sgd (half only) very delicious better than Singapore's version..=0

Sugar Sotong

Stuff that I bought = 110 sgd..=.=" didn't know I spent that

Posted by BearBrickER at 11:35 PM