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Pinned on 21st May 2009


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Saturday, March 29, 2008

heys!!~ right now i'm waiting for my pay after spending my time slogging my guts out for acecom, agent under HP..worked for 6 days total..not a lot of work but i'm looking at basic salary and commission added..=X
once i get hold of the money..i'm looking at these two.......

actually my mind's kinda decided on the PS3 already because of brand and the the the the BLUE-RAY capability it has!!~ brother bought a xbox once (the very 1st version)..that was back in 2003~! ARHS so long agoooo!!!! it's working still but i think he seldom plays it..


Xbox360::uses DVD as a medium, price = $669 (Halo Limited Edition Pack but of course it's not limited so many stores are selling this piece of junk) comes with 2 controllers and halo 3 game

PS3 (40GB)::uses Blue-ray as a medium (it's the future), price = $559 comes with one controller


maybe PS3?? I WANT THE WHITE ONE!~ ^_^"
and yes for games i will have discount at scenic multimedia because i'm a member there..

GTA 4 is coming out for both consoles on April 29 this year!!~

i'll be getting my pay around early may so i'll most probably get that game if i'm getting the console..

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:10 PM

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

yeah that's Lin Jun Jie looking at the camera..^^ photo taken from a music friend..
just did a cover on 翅膀 by 林俊杰..^.^" always singing his songs..hahah
check it out!!

Link to 翅膀 - 林俊杰 Chi Pang Lin Jun Jie (Terenze's Cover)

went out with sec close friends to KBox yesterday and recently went out with xiao en to amk hub..took dinner and watched 10000 BC..incredible CG and definitely an above standard storyline..go catch it!! ^^

Posted by BearBrickER at 5:15 PM

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Went for HP (Hewlett-Packard ) briefing held at Ubi TechPark yesterday for this friday's Singapore Poly HP Roadshow..also went with jia kang and raymond for the briefing..the people there briefly told us about the laptops' specs and advantages etc..3 of us ended up in the Sales department so we'll be selling laptops to the students of Singapore Poly and some other people..^^ dun wanna elaborate much on the laptops (will cause me trauma =X) because it feels like i got "cheated" when i got mine last year at the same place..=(
if ue wanna know more, go visit this @!!~*$% place..
so our briefing ended at about 7pm plus or so..and raymond & I haven't had any food from the time we woke up so we decided to dine at Fish&Co..initially, i was bent on the outlet at jurong point but it was kinda far and they couldn't hold their hunger urges any further so while we were taking a bus to eunos station, we alighted half-way through and hailed a cab..

Some new bus..even had the new vehicle scent..LOL. those seats on the right are for the disabled..

we took it to suntec city because i know there's one Fish&Co. there..i for once didn't know the prices for the meals were higher at dinner time and cheaper during lunch..

ordered this milkshake called Chokie Junkie..tasted so damn nice..will be ordering again today!!

spent some time at the fountain of wealth and went back home..

panorama view from my phone itself
panorama sideways

I'll be starting work this Friday at 8am (****** early) till 8pm (******* long) selling HP and Compaq laptops at Singapore Poly, Convention Hall (located near macdonalds) other days include (March 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 24, 28, 31) and (April 4 and 7) so just drop by if ue want to!!~ ^^

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:09 AM

Monday, March 03, 2008

on saturday my family and I went to tampines to visit my relatives and at about 9 we drove to expo NOT for the natas fair but to meet a friend who was working there. This friend of ours is from Turkey and he is none other than Birdal Oymak..our tour guide for our 2007 turkey trip..
waited at burger king and we met him there.. he was so glad to see us and we were ecstatic to see him too..we asked him whether he would like to have a drink or have seafood dinner but expo was so bloody crowded and i don't like crowded places.. anyway, we told him seafood wasn't halal certified but there's no pork because turkey has 97% or 99% (i forgot) muslim..LOL..even better than m'sia but they are super super secular..they DON'T MIND drinking beer and rearing dogs..very different experience altogether..he chose seafood so we drove to EAST COAST JUMBO seafood seems we tend to bring friends from overseas to this place regurlarly..hahah..!~

ordered chilli crab, sweet and sour fish, fried noodles, otah, tiger prawns, cuttlefish, roasted chicken (my dad's fave)..LOL~~
then we talked about loads of stuffs including the JI dude because he wasn't aware of it..
he asked us about singapore, racial standards and terms with malaysians and china..=.="
also talked about turkey food and we told him we really enjoyed the food in turkey and he couldn't believe it..seriously not the humble pie issue and we really did enjoy the food in turkey..
he told me he was famous because of me as i uploaded a video on him singing while playing the guitar 2 months ago..just type "Birdal Oymak" on google and you can find him..THANKS TO ME!! HAHAH..
anyway..there's this website on features experienced tour guides and i found Birdal in states:
Birdal Oymak was born in Kars in the northeastern region of Turkey. He is a graduate of Adnan Menderes University with specialty in tourism and hotel management. He became a professional guide in 2002. He worked for a brief period in the US and was a professional photographer and has also worked for Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel. Birdal is an expert on Istanbul and the classical sights of Turkey.
Alright, so we had a great and fun time together and took some photos after supper..the best shots are with him, it's in his SLR camera..i only have the candid and one "not so clear" shot..=X

we drove him back to his hotel at Geylang..

i think it's my 1st time there?? damn..where the red-light district is located..we saw many durian sellers there and he said he saw a sign in the hotel lift that wrote "No Durians Allowed or Fine $$"..

and he asked about drug dealers and drug "do-ers"'s something interesting..he got a shock when we told him anybody in singapore who has more than 15g of illegal drugs will be hung by the neck and he thought they would only go to prison because in turkey people with drugs above 50g will go to jail for 5 - 12 months or so..WTH..
one more thing, anybody in singapore who is doing drugs might enter prison if not a drug rehab centre for as long as they are cured and he was also amazed because in turkey anybody doing drugs will only end up in a police station jail cell for only 2 to 3 days..WTF!! LOL so that's why there are people doing drugs, even elementary students who get their drugs from drug peddlers stationed very near their schools..=.="..well, that's about it..dropped him off at Lion City Hotel and snapped some candid shots..goodbye~~!! XD

he hugged everyone of us (quite european) and we bid farewell..he's at singapore changi airport right now waiting for his 8pm flight..bon voyage!!~

Posted by BearBrickER at 6:45 PM