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Pinned on 21st May 2009


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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aaron Kwok 郭富城
De Show Reel Live in Concert 2009

Went to Aaron Kwok's concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium earlier on yesterday [been back home only for 2 hours]. Had free tickets due to TS Laser being one of the sponsors and my family and I had the $188 tickets each! =P

Very interesting and powerful performance. I especially like the stage he imported from Hong Kong. Take a look at the photos which I took in the video!

My brother was a lil' bored and wasn't anticipating an encore but to no avail. Lol. The performance commenced at 8.30pm and ended at 11.30pm.

On another note, my home studio is almost there! In the meantime, the equipments I'm using are already more than enough for demos in terms of quality produced.

Welcome to the base camp!

Btw, I think I know what Fann Wong and Terence Cao were filming when I chanced upon them in February this year: The Ultimatum, currently showing on weekdays at 9pm, Channel 8.

Old photos. Had my last official lesson of Very Singer 5th Batch with Billy laoshi about 2 Sundays ago. Well, it was actually a talk and discussion about the music industry. Had another speaker there and I guess he's one of the bosses at OB. Learnt alot during the session. The music industry is vicious and scary at 1st, but passion and interest, along with adaptability are really important if you wanna go far. Of course, there're more factors than the ones I've stated.

Anyway, after the lesson, Yee Shian drove us to Bugis Junction and we had lunch at V8 Cafe. After that, most of us left except for Beishan, Eugene and I. We headed to Peace Centre wanting to have a look at some music stuffs but the store was closed! In turn, Beishan left for her night shift work [so damn paiseh made her travel to there and she had to leave early =x].

After that, me and eugene went to The Cathay. Had Ben & Jerry's there and had Taiwan Shilin Snack's Mee Sua after that. Damn bloated and full! Decided to head back home by bus and walked a while to the bus stop for disgestion. =P

Below: I had this!

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:55 AM

Monday, May 25, 2009

I shall bring my music to greater heights and better quality!
Lol anyway am gonna be doing a paid music arranging project in 2 weeks time.

[Let Musicaland Audio Studios bring your music to greater heights!]

Posted by BearBrickER at 4:50 AM

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beat making on the KORG M50.

Marcus came to my house in the early afternoon. Slacked around, tried out my new M50 from KORG.
Arggh! And I'm really eyeing a pair of GREEDY GENIUS kicks from SMUDGE [JJ's shop]. I can't get it now, need to save up!
We met Beishan at Vivo to catch the 2nd day screening of the Night At The Museum 2. Very hilarious and storyline was better than the 1st one. The makers added a lot of other characters into this film.
Went to have dinner after that and headed down to Orchard road, outside Taka to catch Miaoru and a few other VS peeps perform. Miaoru's performance was great! Very nice voice, how I envy lol. Gabriel, Collin and Shawn were good too! =)
Below: Marcus [Meanie], Beishan [Auntie Chor Lo], Miaoru [F.A.T] and me [AweL]
Lol the nicknames are just for fun and up till now I still don't get it why Marcus gave such a name to Miaoru but I'm still gonna put it up anyway. xD Btw mine isn't for fun, it's for real and it's my current nickname. Since I like to AWOL so much, I decided to call myself AweL. =p
Below: Da 3 GayFishes: Awel, Julio and Marcus.
Once again, "GayFish" was just for fun. Don't take it for real lol.

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:12 AM

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"New Balance" on the "KORG M50"!

Thanks to my parents, I've finally gotten a synthesizer cum music workstation!

Above & Below: Yeaa gotten a new pair of spectacles too. xD From New Balance!

Bought this music workstation "KORG M50" on monday. Got a 30% discount due to relations with Citymusic. Selling price was around $1940. Calculate the final price yourself! =D

Below: The unwrapping of the KORG M50.

Below: Decided to get another pedal, only that it is a damper pedal this time round. Made in Japan by KORG. Also got a big discount for this. xD
Both the M50 and the M3 (which costs about $3900) don't come with speakers so you got to have your very own set of speakers and make sure they support loads of bass. I'm using Altec Lansing for my surround speakers.
Below: One of the main features I like about the M50, its very own touchscreen LCD!
Below: It also has its own back-lit joystick which is used for bending pitches and producing tremolos.

Posted by BearBrickER at 11:32 PM

Friday, May 15, 2009

My dad called me up and told me there'll be free tickets to Aaron Kwok's concert in Singapore. My dad listens mainly to English orientated songs including (you would never guess this): Rock, Techno and several others. My mom's more to Chinese songs including several mandopop songs.
That's why I'm into quite a lot of genres. =D

Don't think I wanna go though. Reason being I don't think I've heard his songs before, possibly once in a blue moon. I know he's one of the Four Heavenly Kings, along with Andy Lau and Zhang Xue You (Jacky Cheung). =) Still, I don't mind going after I read this Sistic synopsis.
So different from JJ Lin's concert a few months ago.

Sorry to those who wanted the tix [I wrote (on my nick) who wanted the tix on MSN].
My dad's friend can only reserve so little seats for us. =x

Mother's Day was spent around late afternoon with several relatives. Lol.

Below: Gift to my mom. [Really looks like a standard Valentine's Day Gift]

Random: Saw this strong flush, I think it was at The Cathay's water closet if I'm not mistaken. Ever wondered about how the direction of a toilet bowl flush goes? Well, over here in Singapore, it goes counter-clockwise and in America [including countries around that region], the flush goes clockwise. This is all due to the Coriolis effect =) Interesting? Decide it for yourself.

Believed that? Hahah I once thought it was true [Thanks a lot "The Simpsons"!]. However, it is a commonly held misconception. In reality, it's due to the geometry of the bowl and other factors and can flush in either direction in either hemisphere.

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:20 AM