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Pinned on 21st May 2009


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

JJ World Tour 2009 Kicks Off!

The peak of the concert, most touching part. [I have a gut feeling it's rehearsed, still, it was touching]

Basically, the whole of his (JJ Lin) family [his mom playing the Pipa, his dad playing the Er-hu and his brother playing the Piano] came onto center-stage to perform as a birthday present for him.

JJ broke his voice twice on my count but it was an awesome and spectacular performance nonetheless [as usual, he belted out high parts very well].

Ahhh! Just practiced the dance moves and I'm gonna give my best tomorrow! Jiayou to everyone in VS! I don't really care who wins or loses (boys or girls). As long as I know, what matters the most to me is that I've given my best shot at it. =]

Bearbricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [just felt like typing this out. =P]

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:49 AM

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The new issue of Shoesmaster is about to be released. The Japanese magazine always manages to break the news on several interesting pieces coming up. In this issue you will find information on the Visvim x Mastermind Japan collaboration, the Undefeated x Reebok Pump Fury, Nike Sportswear, adidas Originals and much more. Via Honeyee.

08 9/26 UPDATE
日本発のスニーカー専門誌『シューズ・マスター』の最新号がリリース。巻頭はスニーカーにおける「定番」に焦点を当てた特集。所ジョージ、T19、jeffstaple、DJ DARUMAほか各界のスニーカーフリークが選ぶ「私的定番」を皮切りに、NIKE iDをはじめとするカスタマイズサービスでつくる「自分だけの定番」、そして再びその熱が高まりつつある「スケートシューズの新定番」など、スニーカーにおける「定番」を多角的に分析。
そしてvisvim×master mind JAPANの新作やUNDFTD×ReebokのPUMP FURYをはじめ、2008-09秋冬の最新スニーカー情報も充実。さらに今回は10号目記念として「NIKE SPORTSWEAR」「adidas Originals」「LAKAI」の計3冊のブックインブックを収録する。

Anyway, while at OB earlier for vocal with Xueling LS and piano with Sendy LS, I saw JJ Lin again. Lol.
Yes, I know I'm elated (don't laugh! you know who you are lol). This time round. he walked past us and I remembered saying "Hi JJ." =.="
He greeted us and told us to "Jiayou ouh" rofl.
Below: Am going with the 帽子族 to JJ's World Tour this Sat. I've seen him sang live 3 times and it was flawless throughout the 3. =D [Btw I think the left side is kinda disturbing :-D]

Below: Yeaaaa my tix which was gotten from OB. *hehehe*

Posted by BearBrickER at 4:22 AM

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[Chains and Shades]
Above: Hahah like the pose and the camera angle. From Shuting's camera skills.
Below: I thought that was the pose but I was wrong. Well, it's our style then!

Below: Unpublished group photos. =D

We are the 帽子族!

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:50 AM

Monday, March 23, 2009

SMUDGE store at Ann Siang Hill.

Met up with VS friends at OB. Was supposed to meet them at 11am [Lol] but I woke up at 12pm! [Shyt, late as always!] I set 8 alarms the night before and I didn't wake to the loud ringing alarm! =.="
Reached there ard 1pm and basically Regina said she'll ignore me [lmao] but after several mins later she talked to me. :-D
And they have already practiced their dance so my effort in bringing my track pants was wasted [Nvm, I have plenty of time to practice at home =D]
After eating at Maxwell and hanging out at OB until 5pm, we finally headed to the long-awaited SMUDGE store at 8 Ann Xiang Hill. It's kinda near OB so I basically pulled everyone there. xD

It's kinda small actually, probably because it just opened and there aren't many things compared to stores like Royalefam etc [But the amount of products there were sufficient!] I seriously love the Greedy Genius shoes! Damnit it's so nice! The tees too, were nice and made of good material. The only thing I didn't really like were the caps [only 1 design and it's dull]. I have to be honest here. Since I couldn't take any photos, I grabbed these photos from JJ Lin's blog. [To link his blog is a way of courtesy and not to promote JJ Lin]

Below: I like the Bearbricks. They have 2 other 400% ones [I remembered one of the 2 was The Joker WHY SO SERIOUS? Bearbrick].

Anyway's', after that we headed to Music Storey to meet Mireen. Soon after, we strolled to PCC at Red Dot and it wasn't opened. We then went to Tanjong Pg Exchange and the food stores there weren't opened too =.=". So our last resort was to walk out near office buildings and we finally saw a 24 hours Macdonalds! Hahah. And damn, the Macdonalds was kinda posh. [Not the photo below]

Below: I'm really in love with this Stage cap and probably other designs [Luo Zhi Xiang's label], took it from Bryan.

Anyway's', I'm currently quite busy with Very Singer stuff and music related stuffs. Speaking of vocals, I guess it's time to try new styles and use techniques to help improve my voice. Miaoru from my VS class is fabulous! Her voice is so good, shall share her singing here soon! =D And Miaoru mentioned on her blog about my piano skills [I feel so honoured haha!]. Lol. I'm sure you can do it too! =]

Below: I did this vid just now, while having quite a bad flu Lol. Go ahead and hear how does my flu voice sound like.

Cries In A Distance [Piano & Cover] JJ Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰

Below: Anyway, while the rest went to sleep, I did Chunrong a lil' favour[who loves to be Yamapi so much Lol]

Below: See this photo? This is the original Yamapi. Scroll down

Below: Tada! Photoshopped in minutes! [10 mins] I also adjusted Yamapi's skin tone to match Chunrong's skin colour. LMAO.

Below: Seriously, does this resemble Steven Lim? =P Btw, Chunrong dosen't like this photo lol.
*Photo removed due to violation of Chunrong's rights xD*

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:29 AM

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Edison Chen's Bearbrick

Below: Did another small-scale photoshoot cover for the Bearbricks.

Below: Welcome to the Be@rBook!

Shall skip the many full-coloured pages to the 10th Anniversary Special Interview section.


Yes, you'll see Edison Chen on the very 1st page of the interview.

Below: I don't have his Pepsi collaboration Bearbrick. [The Royalefam 100% Bearbrick on the left was not created or designed by Edison Chen]

Below: Anyway, I love Pushead's take on Bearbrick. [And yes, I have his Bearbrick!]

Below: If you have noticed, the face of the Bearbrick resembles those of a mental disorder card. (You know, those cards where the psychiatrist flips through cards that are black and white) xD

Posted by BearBrickER at 4:33 AM

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Truly an awesome week to behold.

Truth be told, I was out almost everyday this week and back quite late, by that I mean around 12am. It's finally the weekends and I can spend some time with my family. Otherwise, I feel kinda bad. Well, as you probably wouldn't have guessed, I'm blogging at 7.20am. I'm trying to fine-tune my sleeping time. Yes, I haven't slept since yesterday's waking up at 3.30pm.

Well, anyway, this week was spent with my VS friends! Went to many places. They even accompanied me to get my track pants from Peninsula, thanks you guys! :-D

Wed was Very Singer vocals and instrument time and this time round for instrument class, I was asked to perform JJ's 由你选择?! Also, Sendy laoshi and another laoshi told me it was my style. I didn't realise that. As you know, that song is NOT A BALLAD (whether it's love whatsoever). It's something worse (when played on piano and try to sing along) than 杀手!So, basically, I'm gonna figure out a way now to try to make this song more interesting. I'm gonna add "fill-in notes" and several other techniques that I've never used before. GOSH!

Also, Xueling laoshi's vocal class. About her technique for breathing, I find that I've more power when knowing that I can use the expansion of the lungs from the side. I guess it's a psychological feeling in me. BTW, I'm having flu for the past two days and it's horrible because I can't sing properly and my yao zi's terrible, I stutter when singing. Nvm, as promised, it's gonna be better next week.

Lastly, I saw photos of JJ's SMUDGE shop in Singapore. It's really cool and it's basically street all the way. Love the decor and theme. Also, the 1000% Bearbrick standing below the illuminated shop sign! I'm gonna visit SMUDGE with a friend soon. My camera's gonna be there too.

Posted by BearBrickER at 7:18 AM

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Outings with VS friends!!
Still Moving Under Gunfire [S.M.U.D.G.E]
Saturday: Headed down to Bugis. Met up with Regina and Mireen, I was late by about 10 mins [Lol]. Soon after, Alvin arrived, followed by Shuting. We then went to Top One KTV!
Below: Julio and I [known him since the very 1st audition of VS]

Below: "Ehh, don't take me!" =p

S.H.E!! xD Below: Shuting, Mireen & Regina

Chunrong, Julio and Terenze

Julio and that's Alvin.

No flash for Regina. xD

Below: We requested for a bigger room since the 1st room was so darn small and we got a room with a platform!

Mireen who's wearing the Skullcandy. =p

Shuting who's wearing the Fedora. =p

Love this shot please! I took it. xD

Headphones galore!

Shuting, Mireen

Anti-drugs Julio.

Chunrong, Alvin

Below: After KTV, we decided to go have dinner at Ajisen Ramen, that was after running away from Shokudou. =p

Below: After dinner, we hung out at Jco till uber late. [Shuting & Chunrong]

Churong & Mireen.Finally a photo with Regina!
The following day, Sunday, I woke up late and couldn't meet up with them so I headed straight for our dance class [OMG OMG body still aches!]. After dance, we hung out at the reception due to the pouring rain.

Below: Julio and I with his beloved Yumi behind.
Churong with his pose!
Below: Who we met?!?!! JJ Lin!!!!!!!!! [I took photos of him and he didn't mind.]
The 3 girls behind the reception.The 3 guys. xD
If you look closely, you can see the cap hitting Julio's face.
Another wonderful stunt by Julio. *claps*

Below: LOL.
Group photo with Chloe miss receptionist!
Above: [Top] Chloe, Shuting, Mireen, Regina
[Below] Terenze, Julio, Chunrong

Posted by BearBrickER at 4:06 PM