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Pinned on 21st May 2009


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Motif XS

Marcus and I met up with Eugene at Luthermusic yesterday. After quite a detailed discussion with one of the owners, we left Excelsior Shopping Centre and headed to Plaza Singapura for Eugene to make his final decision lol. Checked out Yamaha and we saw the Motif XS (all 3 series)!
There's a reason for the price above [Check out the vid below, skip to 6:22 for an interesting surprise]. I still think it's overpriced, what with GST and stuff. =P
Anyway, before we met Eugene, I was supposed to meet Marcus at 2pm but I woke up at 2.07pm. Lol sorry dude! Went down to meet him and bought back food to eat. Spent some time on one of my songs with some juicy beats but didn't improve much mainly due to me hahaha. We went on playing Soldier Front, which was Marcus's 1st time. Using 2 pcs, both of us logged on using two of my 13 accounts. =P I basically naded [grenade] him all the way to make his life low [although we were on the same team lol].

This was taken around 2 or 3 days ago, Eugene and I visited Luthermusic.
Below: Friendly staff [on the right] who showed us around, they are anti-Casio people. Or rather, they don't like Casio [I've already begun to be like them too]. Had fun whacking the Clavinova G series, a digital piano which costs almost $4k.
I've been thinking of upgrading my workstation and I'm currently eyeing the KORG M50. xD

Posted by BearBrickER at 11:48 PM

Monday, April 27, 2009

Unplugged Day.
More photos from that day's performance.

Both of us are sleeping. zzzzzzzz

Below: Miaoru's group performing Eugene's song.

Below: My group performing Miaoru's song hahah!
Beishan, Eugene, Yee Shian and Shiying. They performed my song. =D
Great rendition!
VS2 group!

Below: Went to Marcus's house last week. Very good house production room!
Went to KTV with Elaine some time back on a Sunday. Haven't seen her for a long while! She's the MOST pro in playing the piano in the whole of VS. Better than me!! But she left us due to some reasons. Her style of Jazz and pop in fusion is really pure art. hahah!
Below: Me with the girls, Beishan, Miaoru and Elaine.
Below: Collin! 1st time I got to know him personally. =D
Below: Elaine and Collin (Collin's looking at Xiao Mei Mei hehe =P)
Below: Beishan expressing herself haha!
Below: Taken with Miaoru!
Below: Taken with Beishan!
Below: Group photo!

Below: Btw I found out that Elaine is my poly senior (6 years senior lol) and both of us know Mr Kenny Ong hahah.
Aww, this guy left after I sat down for awhile.
Below: Hahaha he's Yee Shian! Chao Ge's voice!I can't remember. What was this about again? Lol. =P

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:30 PM

Saturday, April 18, 2009

[Monday's Unplugged Performance 无插电表演]

Monday was an "on and off" nerve-wrecking day. On and off because I felt nervous but after a while, I became relax and that repeated. =))

Anyway, for our Unplugged Performance 无插电表演, my group consisted of Regina, Mireen, Betty and me of course.
Went into the studio, stage was already set up and everything and everybody looked really good to go.
And guess what? JJ Lin joined us as part of the audience! He was sitting behind my group! I saw a familiar figure walking towards us and I knew it was JJ although he was wearing dark sunglasses. Maddie says he probably thought he looked like crap or something after arriving in Singapore from Taiwan. LOL. Elated upon seeing him because he's my inspiration to mandopop music. Without JJ, I wouldn't be enjoying mandopop and perhaps I wouldn't even be listening to mandopop music. =D

JJ Lin sat behind, alongside Hong Jun Yang laoshi and Jiong Shun laoshi. Unplugged's in-house judges. =P

I wanna see the groups which sang my song! hahaha! So exciting! Oh yah, Eugene's group [Beishan, Shiying and Yee Shian] performed my song extremely well!
Here's our perf. We performed Miaoru's 如果爱情 which is a very nice song, man has she got talent! I made some vocal mistakes at the front. =x This video is not the full perf.

After our performance, JJ Lin gave some comments, talked about 合音 for the whole VS peeps, said that area can be improved. Remarks later on by Hong Jun Yang and Jiong Shun laoshis.

Very, ultra good group! Thank you for putting in so much effort R.M.B!

A while after our performances, VS2 [my class!] went out to Tanjong Pg x'change to have our dinner. Our very 1st group photo hahah! Will have more 2ml! =P Food was quite nice too!

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:07 AM

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wow there's such a thing!
Basically, I found my way back to "worshipping" Star Wars once again [last time I remembered I was only 12].
I was surfing wiki about the Jedi and I saw this word: Jediism.
Jediism already has 500, 000 members internationally [mostly english speaking countries]. Wow.
If you don't know what a Jedi is (below), Jedis are fictional characters and portrayed in the Star Wars sixology. They carry weapons which are more commonly known as lightsabers.

I'm just imagining come 50 years, would Jediism become an official religion? I really would like to see that day come forth sooner. =D

Jediism aside, more about Star Wars, actors and actresses from the 1978 trilogy which I took bits and pieces and put them together for you to see.

Below: Luke Skywalker, (actor Mark Hamil) looks like this at present (right side). Aged.

Below: Princess Leia Organa, (actress Carrie Fisher) currently looks like this (right side).

Below: C3PO (actor Anthony Daniels). Really seemed like a real cyborg to me. =P

Below: R2D2 (actor Kenny Baker, 76 years old). If you're thinking R2D2 is a real prop moving on its own, you're totally wrong.

Btw, both actors above (C3PO and R2D2) are the only 2 actors in Star Wars to have filmed the the whole Sixology. That means both the 1978 - 1983 trilogy and the 1999 - 2005 trilogy.
Below: There we go, Carrie Fisher from the original Star Wars film and Kristen Bell from Fanboys (a film about Star Wars fans). Both dressed up in the iconic metal bikini.

Thumbs up to the 501st Legion, Singapore Garrison!

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:47 AM

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Star Wars's Fanboys.

Caught this yesterday with Bryan, Julio and Raymond. It was around 3.20pm at OB and Chloe helped us search for movies and the appropriate timings.

Finally, we embarked on Fanboys which was only 90 mins long and not too good of a plot there. Rushed down to Cineleisure, reached there around 3.45 [Fanboys started around 3.40 or so]. Fanboys is for people who have watched and understood Star Wars. If not, you won't be able to catch what they are talking about.

Here's the summary of Fanboys: Set in 1998, the story tells of a group of friends who, eager for the premiere of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - and because one of them is suffering from cancer and wishes to see the film before his death - decide to break into Skywalker Ranch and steal an early print of the film. They travel across the country and on their way they encounter William Shatner, obsessed Trekkies, and bikers who make them undress for water.

Basically, along the way, the group of friends took a detour to find some "geek trouble" with a mob of Star Trek fans. That is one of the funniest parts in this film. If you are gonna watch this film, do have some very basic knowledge of Star Trek too. [So far I only know Captain Kirk, William Shatner (actor in Star Trek who also made a cameo) and some phrases like "Captain's Log"]. Amazingly, I've never watched Star Trek before. =D All thanks to The Simpsons episodes. Still, the bottomline is, you must have a good understanding of Star Wars before you decide to watch Fanboys.

Ending statement: If you know and understand Star Wars, you'll feel that Fanboys is QUITE a good movie [because it's all about Star Wars!], one of the best geek comedy ever, but a lil' short if you ask me. If you don't know much about Star Wars, you're gonna go "Fanboys suck big-time!"

Hurry and go catch it! Only directed to Star Wars fans and people who understand Star Wars.

Below: Btw, this is the main actress [Kristen Bell] in Fanboys and I think she kinda looks a lil' like Princess Leia.


Shinjuku Incident

Caught Shinjuku Incident a few days ago with the CapGroup.

I really feel this movie is really meaningful and represents part of the illegal immigrants from China.

Summary: In the early 1990s, a tractor mechanic from China nicknamed Steelhead (Jackie Chan) enters Japan illegally, in search of his girlfriend Xiu Xiu (Xu Jinglei). Steelhead and his friend, Jie (Daniel Wu) meet in the busy Shinjuku district of Tokyo and take manual labouring jobs to earn money. When Steelhead finds out that Xiu Xiu has married a Japanese Yakuza leader named Eguchi (Kato Masaya), he decides to remain in Japan. When Eguchi was targeted to be murdered, Steelhead saves his life. To consolidate power, Eguchi formes an alliance with Steelhead to carry out his revenge. Soon, Steelhead has become embroiled so deeply in the ways of the yakuza that there is no turning back.

Overall, this movie is worth watching in the cinemas. Bearing in mind that although Jackie Chan is the main character in the film, he dosen't show his martial arts skills this time round. He's more of a subtle character, no more clownish looks from him.

Jackie Chan talked about himself in the film: "maybe one per cent action. Heavy drama."

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:08 AM

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Recently met a friend who specializes in making movie props. He creates life-size props ranging from Star Wars to LOTR. That is so damn cool. =D Lightsabers like the one above [World's 1st Titanium Luke lightsaber (ROTJ)]

Below: Leia Lightsaber (Last Command)

Below: Anakin Skywalker lightsaber (AOTC)

Above: 24K gold Mara Jade lightsaber

Below: Mara Jade Lightsaber

He has created many more lightsabers from what he has told me. Really very exciting to meet a Star Wars specialist. I'm intending to get a Lightsaber from him [He says he can give me one! My heart says "nono" but it's too difficult to resist the force! Lol. It really looks like hard work to me].


Anyway, something mainly about Star Wars again, my lecturer Kenny Ong is a hard-core fan of Star Wars. He's an avid Star Wars collector. Here are some of his photos from his attic.

[The 3 photos above credits to Kenny Ong] Thanks for uploading the photos!

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Posted by BearBrickER at 4:10 AM