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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

JJ Lin Jun Jie's Sad Post
You idiots finally pissed him off..

To Be Or Not To Be...

Written by Lin Jun Jie himself

“Does he look like JJ the clown?”
My family and friends back in Singapore sent me an article recently. The article questioned my new image and suggested it being “a colorful riot of clashing plaid patterns” and looking “more like a clown than an artiste”.If it had been an article from elsewhere, I would not have been that hurt and disappointed. But it came from my homeland…
“To be or not to be, that is the question…” (Hamlet - William Shakespeare)I remember the bold steps I’ve taken in the past, steps I took to express my art and music. One of the important lessons I’ve learnt over the years – Whenever an artist tries for a change, he should be ready to face a bombardment of controversial comments from all over. If he decides to stay put, again he might be criticized for being insincere and uncreative. We are never satisfied.Fashion, like music, is an intricate form of art. No one is ever right or wrong. I guess depending on where you were born in and raised, your sense for art and appreciation differs accordingly.As a Singaporean myself, I have noticed over the years that somehow, we are “trained” to act by the book. When something unconventional comes along, we are so careful that we usually take too much time access the situation. I believe if my stylists had approached me with this daring checkered concept 5 years ago during my 1st album, I would not have been able to accept it then either.However, I am also an artist who always challenges conventional methods of creating art. If I had followed what the “gurus” have taught us about music, there wouldn’t have been the “clashing” of Chinese elements with RnB beats in River South, nor the bossa nova / hip hop rhythm of The Choice Is Yours. If I had gone by the book and “toned down” on my art, I probably would not have gotten thus far in my music career.I also definitely did not feel like a “clown” wearing the clothing I wore.Instead, I was quite impressed at how my stylists were able to blend the clashing plaid patterns together, creating something very refreshing and warm. I feel it suits the vibrancy and color this album requires.Anyway, there’s always something to say when somebody tries to be different, when conformity and ritual beliefs are being challenged and stretched. But not matter what, there will also always be a group of people open minded and sensitive enough to embrace and appreciate.I hope you are one of them.
~end of article~
Come on larhh people change hairstyle also wanna 批评 until so sacarstically..i wanna throw vulgarities in here but my blog will remain G rated and G rated it shall remain..
anyway people who don't understand the true meaning of music and the choice of the mentioned artist please just keep your mouths shut..if you wanna talk, say something more constructive..
many such people around..these are the people who are the jealous and envious ones of anyone who has some sort of talent be it in music, fashion etc..they behave this way because they don't have that kinda talent and hate themselves so much so that they end up wanting to "bring the fame" down for a particular person..if you want examples look up YOUTUBE, there are many comments lurking around the "Comments" area for music vids..
YOU idiots finally manage to piss someone like 林俊杰 off or rather made him feel heartbroken..I guess he has thoughts on whether to revoke his Singaporean citizenship (sacarsm??) "GOOD JOB..WELL DONE..hope you have achieved the amount of readers you had so hope when you were writing that article..

Posted by BearBrickER at 10:52 PM

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ever wonder who visits YOUR blog??

People from all over the world (you and yours truly included) including singers, actors etc bcoz they are very, ultra free when they have no assignments to undertake.

And technologists are re-inventing the internet currently because the current one wasn't meant to be used this way like we always do everyday. It was only meant for use in times of war like in WWII when they had to transfer valuable data across the air. The new, re-invented internet will surface in the year 2012 to 2013 and to be used by the public in 2014. By then, there will be no such things as those stupid viruses created and sent out by people who have no-life. People who probably use their pcs in their garages muching on a packet of Dorritos and when successful with their hacking, reward themselves with sex, yes, sex with their pc screens..low-lifes

And on another topic:

32 people from America visited my blog this week, a big welcome to you guys and gals, "HI & WELCOME TO MA BLOG AMERICANS!!"

Posted by BearBrickER at 7:21 PM

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Messy World In Da Head
Lil' girl having chips on my sofa
Bearbricks take a shit on my sofa

Forested Tree
Done by: Terenze
Once again did this in photoshop for one of my modules in class..

Btw did some online shopping early morning yesterday (around 2am to 4am) and continued my shopping on Friday afternoon..decided on apparel this time round..I'm supporting Marc Ecko's "*eckō unltd." products..looks nice for the mainstream urban culture..
Had decided on 2 items (will show it here when it arrives) at first

but I saw another tee-shirt and it was pretty sleek so I added another item..3 items altogether.

Shipping costs will be cheaper as I'm doing combined shipping and I'm getting a Marc Ecko (Ecko Unltd) Hoodie plus 2 other Ecko Unltd tee-shirts..=] Total: $108 (might be cheaper around $98) including insurance..
Online Shopping is fun!!

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:46 AM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life isn't a Piece Of Cake??
No I beg to differ
The cake above is a digestive Philadelphia cheese cake..
Done by: my mom..hahaha!!
the crust below the cheese is made of digestive biscuit (the biscuit on the left)
I really don't know but it seems I always have these titles and subtitles for my subject in every post..=.=" Just for fun ppl!! =]
Btw I have revamp my room once again..the last time I did it was in 2006 after my Os.
Right now I have 2 monitors on my up to you to decide! =]
The grey monitor is connected to my lappy and I've added an external mouse and keyboard..
and FYI i'm watching Family Guy online on the grey screen and blogging on the main screen..hehehe..
That's my "boss's chair" with the piano always by my side..=D
and the left one is for doing my schoolwork and freelance work mainly since it's my lappy in disguise (video editing etc) and my right pc is for my music using the Cubase software etc etc..
Schoolwork &&&& Cubase

And I'm borrowing my school's (media school) studio for a photoshoot for me and a friend of mine..and I need major help from my classmate who's very good in photography to help us for the shoot..I've checked outside prices for studio photoshoot cost like a bomb..idk anyway if I do it in school it's free but I do need lighting equipments etc..

This is a video of the 3 coloured curtains (if I'm not wrong they're meant for keying in blue-screen, green-screen etc)..anyway photos will be taken next week if possible!! =D

Posted by BearBrickER at 11:09 PM

Sunday, October 19, 2008

On a White Cloudy Day..
comes a HomoSapien: Terenze

Done by: Terenze
Above picture done in Photoshop..LOL taught by my Digital Matte Painting lecturer..
Dedication to Belle as requested hahahs: Happy Birthday! =]
Been about a week since I last blogged?? School term 3 started on monday..pretty fun and boring at times but nonetheless I take it that my course is much more relaxed than other courses which have major exams etc..I dun have any exams and that includes last semester..
On a sad note, one of my lecturers is leaving the school scene to pursue her dreams and to take a break from all the stress and work..Her film is coming out so I'll update here if there's any news..=]
Busy with freelance work also..Have to finish it fast and well, also to get my deserved pay..very tedious isn't difficult it's just too tedious..but i'm coping and doing well so far..=D

BTW anyone reading this post here DO inform me if you have any news on this particular hoodie by "G-Unit"..this hoodie is called "Thy Spirit" designed by both 50cent and Ecko (Ecko Unlimited)..I'm living in Singapore so best if I could get it from my country. In any case, do let me know, even if it's from overseas..

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:29 AM

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Went to JB, Malaysia with my family earlier today..did the same ole things like shopping for material needs and groceries, plus eating and walking around..Singapore too small and crowded for going out on weekends..even some parts of the weekdays are terrible..I usually go to this mega shopping centre called Tebrau City or something, there's a hypermart called "Jusco" there..something like Carrefour..and the shopping centre itself is like Vivo CIty in Singapore with the exception of a packed place..
I bought mostly groceries and food today..

Bought this denim from the same ole shop in Pelangi Shopping's about Giordano's prices but I feel it has more style..
And I'm waiting for my adsense payment so I can spend on another
and i'm definitely saving up my 3rd paycheck for work once I've received it..
cheerios! =]

Oh yarhh I've also bought Kinder Bueno from m'sia..each packet about 1.3SGD i forgot Singapore's price but it's 3 in 1 anyway..

[Cap Frenzy]

My collection of caps since May of 2008..

I've just installed hook fixtures to my cupboard earlier's a built-in cupboard so it's kinda high..high enough to hang all my caps in..hahah

this isn't taken from the lowest's about 3/4 of the cupboard.

btw..the hoodie I bought yesterday was under the G-Unit brand.. *The G-Unit Clothing Company was established in 2003 when 50 Cent teamed up with Marc Ecko, the founder of Ecko Unlimited to create a line of clothing and accessories by 50 Cent and G-Unit.*

Put on the white G-Unit.....

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:30 AM

Friday, October 10, 2008

wow I've been Blogging 3 Days In a Row..
broke my
today is my "off" day so I went out with KL aka kim lee and kim teck (K2 bcoz there's BY2 =.=")
we went to penin and funan..
took the train at about 1.36pm and reached Funan e IT Mall at around 2 plus..
we straight away went for Pasta Mania..hahah bcoz all of us haven't taken our breakfast..
I ordered the basic pasta chicken bolognese, garlic bread & drinks and ordered chocolate banana pizza..KL and KT ordered seafood pasta and medium curry pizza with garlic bread and drinks..=D
chocolate & banana pizza
curry pizza (didn't try it)
After eating we headed to penin and went to shop shop spent quite a lot today..
what to do we see what we like then we buy it if it's within our budget..KL and KT share their stuff including clothing because they are twins..same size and everything hahah
they bought a few tee-shirts, a short sleeve collar shirt and bermuda pants..
I bought a tee-shirt, a hoodie, a cap and a capo for my acoustic guitar, KL also bought the same capo for his..(photos below!!)
my cap $15..quite cheap for Singapore's pricing..actual $16

try putting it on ma cranium..

here's my tee-shirt..and yes i'm looking for groupies hehe
my hoodie!! bargain about 15 dollars for this..quite ex won't say it here..(if ue wanna know the price ask me) this is the good material version, quite thick but for singapore's weather if outside would probably take out, if in air-conditioned places ue can definitely wear this..=D
my G7th guitar capo (25SGD)
very easy usage, just clip on and that's it start playing! the others need to be screwed in manually so it will take up more time..good for performances and to save time..=]

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:30 AM

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Here are my picks collected over the years since 2003 when I started playing the guitar..hahah!!
those 4 below are Turkish picks for the instrument "Saz"..

Here's the Saz I bought..I bought it because of their culture of Muziq..almost everywhere you can hear Middle East's instruments..whether it's played live or by speakers..

It has six strings like an acoustic guitar (classicals are not the original 6-strings)

the strings are paired with each other..forcing a combination of 2 strings sounding when played..

the bonnet of the Saz is huge, proper way is to place it against your waist, near the abdomen..
these are the tuning pegs and the whole instrument (besides the strings) is made out of wood..very traditional goes all the way back to ancient times aka BC (Before Christ)..
AND a special treat!! Here's a video of me playing the Saz!! lolol!!



Just cleaned my hamsters' home today..I change it once a week, must keep clean!! =D

This's Teddy, my fave of the 2..bcoz she's more tamed and won't bite at all (the other one, Rex, stopped trying to bite me weeks ago though)..


Also, bought all these 3-in-ones from Batam, Indonesia last month..(just realised that just now =.=")

this Cappuccino comes with a chocolate granule! this is the cereal with banana and jackfruit (not that nice hahah)
this one is very cooling..there's a cool sensation in your throat when you drink this coffee..

This is the Cappuccino..

Added the Choco Granule to the Cappuccino..

this is the result..very creamy and nice!!

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:07 AM