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Pinned on 21st May 2009


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Continuation from my previous post...during the 15 days of CNY, i went to my grandparents' house twice...I gambled my way through there and on the 1st visit, i won around 10 bucks...the 2nd round, i managed to win 18 bucks! little larh but winnings marh, must be happy with what you get. Anyway, I was the winner!!! lol, then went down to the Brickworks Coffee Shop to have our dinner, fish and chips, i like, i like...then cousin michelle was craving for pig's liver dish! OMG, i hate all these!!! The dish came and she and my grandpa ate like the salivating "dogs" they were...both of them finished the whole bowl!! yucky...WENT TO my aunt's house (dad's side) last two saturday and had bbq steamboat there, my uncle's cooking is damn great! Cousin Jimmy played the "Corpse Bride" movie and I watched it the 2nd time. I dun really like this show, it's kinda too subtle for me...AND during CNY, michelle, jia hui, lydia, jia wen, kiat, sly and wei jun came to my house for visitng...nothing much to do at my house, except taking out a pack of cards and not playing it bcoz we were watching Apocalypto, once more for me...anyway, thanx for coming guys!!

gambling at my aunt's house (mum's side)...

gambling again at my grandma's home...won 18 bucks here

steamboat at my aunt's and uncle's house (dad's side) his cooking is powerful!

Recently, I went to Vivo with wei jun, khairul and samuel and I bought a Microsoft Flight Simulator X software...It's one of the two main games for Windows Vista...It plays quite well. Basically, you are a pilot and you have to maneuver all sorts of planes to, from and down the runway. Of course, there's real flight larh, it cost 65 bucks and it takes up 15GB of your hardrive!!! also requires duo-core as it's the minimum processor bcoz they recommend using a Quad-core actually so you can see the power in that game...Oh yarx, this game also includes Singapore's Changi International Airport and you can pilot Airbuses and Boeings etc...Ratings given was 9 upon 10, considered very good...WHILE AT VIVO CITY, we went to toysRus bcoz one of us suggested going there. In one of the sections, I saw a few cameramen and a studio fixture. lol, There was Zhang Yao Dong standing, he's the guy who played "Wu Gang" in the 9pm show and he was looking at some baby toys, funny guy. After that, wei jun, samuel and I went to Starbucks for a cup of smooth, tainted coffee, yummy...samuel went off and guess who, Joanne Peh appeared from the direction of Long John Silvers. She's the Lux Shampoo ambassador, actress and also an english journalist. She was filiming and there were a few cuts from the director. But she went "YAY!", had no idea why. Probably trying to liven up her to keep on going out...BEEN playing basketball recently to grow TALLER!!!! and also to recover my skills from primary school. Not been playing since then...and That way, wei jun and I were playing for a hour plus...after that, we went to the new stadium at Nanyang Area for swimming...the water slide was so fun!!! we swam for an hour or so and went to IMM to have our lunch, FISH AND CHIPS! lol tasted very scrumptious! we took bus 172 back to our estate and we realised that 172 had become a bendy's the bus to my ex sch, westwood sec...probably due to complaints of being too compact for that area

172 bendy bus...
AND TODAY, I went out with samuel and khairul to town at around 1 plus. We were eating halfway through when my dad smsed me, informing me about the earthquake in Indonesia and tremors in Singapore. He told me my mum felt the tremors twice and felt giddy...but she's alright now, yeap...I was eating some black pepper fish rice halfway and I suddenly felt so full, a little giddy too...but luckily or unluckily, i didn't feel any tremors. Chanced upon a friend from SAJC when he told me they were released due to the tremors...After that, we headed to The Cathay and went lan gaming. That Cathay lan shop's ambience was so comfy! It only costs $2.50 per hour. I spent 2 hrs there...I also used a pc that had a steering wheel and pedals attached to it! It was seriously amazing! ...and btw, the computers there are all very up to date! the monitors are all HP flat screens, the keyboards and mouse are all Razor branded. Razor is a gaming mouse and keyboard maker...It was around 6 when samuel and I went off to Peace Centre. He had a lift from my dad and it was a long journey back home, about an 1hr by car!!!!
The Cathay Lan Shop...

lighted keyboards and mouse for night gaming...

Razor keyboard and mouse, it's good for hand posture...

Logitech's Steering Wheel and Pedals Set...

they even have a Xbox 360 area! I didn't realise it till we were about to leave, i'll be back...

a mouse treated almost like a throphy, lmao...

even the lift there has an integrated TV and designer lights...

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:32 AM
Finally!! Had been longing to blog these few days...I recently got a new Dell PC. It runs on OS Windows Vista Home Premium!!! very cool! my mum bought it for me! Bought it at about $1700...considered fair for a Duo-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and Nvidia's 7k series graphic the hardrive and everything that comes installed with a pc...

before taking it out...
the whole view...

Next, CNY 2007! This year's CNY was not as happening as before...Nonetheless, I visited the same relatives on the 1st day, at my uncle's place...I gambled for a while, then i quit. I didn't win, neither did I lose...Went to the botanics garden for a while and boredom was clouding my day! Had my dinner after that and went back home...quite boring on the 1st day...ang pows not really great nor small, about 300, my parents gave me the most...that's all...2nd day my relatives had to come down to my house...had steamboat bbq and buffet...then i met my relatives from my dad's side...cousins frank, rachel, jimmy and jessie, yeap...relatives from my mum's side went home early at about 7, AS USUAL...whereas my dad's relatives stayed and watched the Mel Gibson's movie, "Apocalypto", rated M18...It's a nice show and they went home at about 11pm...

1st day, at home

ROFL! my cousins with my grandpa...wildlife at the botanical gardens...

Posted by BearBrickER at 12:44 AM