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Monday, December 29, 2008

Current economy dosen't crimp Paris Hilton
Added that theives stole $2 million dollars worth of jewels from her recently.

Paris Hilton showed off her new and improved ride last Monday -- a hot pink Bentley Continental GT. Hopefully the same thieves that took $2 million worth of jewels from the heiress' home won't get their hands on this $200,000 coupe.

The West Coast Customs team gave Paris' old Bentley a complete makeover, adding pink rims, monogrammed leather seats, a hood ornament boasting the initials "PH," and paparazzi-thwarting tinted windows.

Posted by BearBrickER at 4:27 AM

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas ended about an hour and 5 mins ago. Here is a "story" of mine to share with u people! I'll warn you upfront, it's gonna get pretty lame in here.

Rabbi the Rabbit
(An Unexpected Adventure)

There once was a rabbit named Rabbi.

He loved to eat Gavottes's chocolate waffers.

He would always "attack" the light chocolate waffers first.

He would then start a rampage on the dark chocolate waffers.

On a cool and sunny day, while he was being drove to destinations, Rabbi looked at the beautiful clouds in the sky and fell asleep in his car.

Rabbi entered a deep sleep as he was weary and he had a dream.

He dreamt that he was a F1 racer.

Rabbi had another dream, only scary this time round. He found himself landed in the mouth of a Porter's sharp, jagged teeth.
Rabbi has since been always carried on my back as he suffered from serious depression.


Yes I know this was a super lame post but at the least bit it was original.

Anyway here are the Credits:

-Photos were taken by me using the HTC Touch Diamond.

-The Gavottes chocolate waffers (made in France and "hailed" from there) is a gift from my

cousins Jessie & BK after their trip to France and Spain.

-Porter "Shark" bag by my classmate.

-F1 racing scene created by Samsung at Vivo City

ps. I'm currently very busy with work and projects thus my blog entries (including this) have been pre-blogged for the past 3 entries. =]

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:54 AM
Channel 5 TeleMovie "Delivering Suzy"

I'm helping Zoe to "xuan chuan" aka "advertise" although she didn't ask me to.

Catch her (the gal on the far right) on Channel 5 TeleMovie "Delivering Suzy" on Christmas Day 10pm !! =)

Mediacorp Channel 5 Telemovie "Delivering Suzy"

Date: 25th Dec, Thursday

Time: 10pm

Her Role: Emily

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- requested by another friend, Dean (no she's not a guy), photos of the HTC Touch Diamond box sticker. Earlier I mentioned it apparently turns from white to black. Well, in a way it does and in another way it dosen't (lmao I'm such a hyprocrite).

(Photo below: Original sticker's background white in colour)

(Photo below: When sticker is lifted up, black words start appearing. lol)

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:43 AM
No White Christmas in SINgapore.
Last holiday of every year.

Christmas is just around the corner and I happen to feel more christmas spirit this year than last year. Reasons can be due to feeling elated, joyous, family, friends, music and material needs.
Here's several cartoons on Christmas..partake!

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:01 AM

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Touch Diamond's CAMera Quality
Apparently it's quite good (click to enlarge). But then again, it's video quality kinda sucks. Camera has 3.2 megapixels.

It's always "either this or that" for the phones I've had. My Nokia 5700 has very good video quality with ultra good sound (because of its dedicated audio chip). The Touch Diamond has a dedicated graphics chip in it but no dedicated audio chip.

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:41 PM

I haven't said this but I sold my MWG Zinc II away right after my trip from Beijing. Reason due to TERRIBLE problems it gave me. It basically malfunctioned on the 2nd day!

And recently bought another phone from online forums. It's a brand new HTC Touch Diamond! (I find myself really and extremely wary of online sellers, as though not enough trust, is it a positive or negative thing?)
Very, ultra cool phone (I've been using it for a while now).
Check out its features and specs here.
Btw I didn't spend a lot of $$ on this because I took the money from the sale of my MWG and Nokia 5700 to offset the cost..I paid quite lil' for a no contract brand new phone! XD Bought from a representative from Starhub.

The box is so weirdly shaped but unique (wonder whether HTC had a hard time shipping them).

This is my prove of "Brand New and Unopened" Once opened the seal turns from white to black.

Polished plastic box set under the paper box.

Main menu which can be altered.

Battery and SIM card slot.

When compared with my Nokia 5700 XpressMusic, it is actually and amazingly thinner! Length about the same.

Here we go, the Diamond is thinner than the 5700.

"Bare" backs..

Here's KevJumba eating his asian Nissin cupnoodles on my Diamond. (If you don't know who KevJumba is I don't blame you. Check him out on youtube if you want, he loves talking crap and sense altogether. He's from America but asian. All his videos have a very interesting and funny entrance.

Added the "touch of Terenze" in the Diamond. Btw the screen's resolution is 480 X 640 which makes it one of the clearest and sharpest screen mobile phones in the world.

Posted by BearBrickER at 3:06 AM

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm back from Beijing!, Tianjin and Chengde..
OKAYY!! from the Hebei Province!
My trip to Beijing, Tianjin and Chengde with my family was a fun and enjoyable one. I went there in 1995 (when I was 5 years old) with my parents when my brother was only 1 year old, thus, didn't go with us. When I walked past some of the places and venues it brought back my childhood memories in Beijing, Tianjin and Chengde. That was 13 years ago!
Anyway temperatures did drop to -6 degree celsius in Chengde and yes there was snowfall from the 6th day onwards. We experienced Beijing's and Chengde's 1st snowfall of the year (lucky us!)
This photo was taken in Chengde, -5 degree celsius. I wore 2 pairs of gloves, socks and pants. =D

Well, anyway, I'll feature several other photos on another day because I am feeling quite weary after finishing part of my freelance work. Right now I'll let you guys soak into the things that I have bought and brought back from Beijing! XD I spent about 200+ SGD on only my things and I have a few more that my parents paid for.

These are all my stuff laid out on my bed. Solo photos below!

Baby milo tees! Only male sizes were available! 60元each

I bought Bape shoes too! (scroll downwards..)

Bought a DC Shoe Co. USA (150元) quite 1st try-out bargain item

The DC Logo.

Bought a few Olympic Lighter (7元each) There's no original item such as this.

水立方, 鸟巢 (Water Cube & Bird's Nest Stadiums) Light Ornament. (10元each)

Bird's Nest cap (120元) Original one okayy.

Official Beijing Olympic Products sticker.

All the things that my family bought and brought back.

Beijing Olympics Mascots (non-genuine ones)

Geniune Olympic Mascot Bean Toy (130元)

Quan Ji De (read from right to left) roasted Duck, with 2 other brands behind. Yes my parents brought 3 roasted ducks (frozen) back..=.=" lol

Beijing Olympic gifts with packaging. and guess what, these are not genuine..XD

Local snacks and tidbits from Tianjin

My mom bought this Ecco shoe for 100元. Of course it's non-genuine. But it really looks like the original one and from 400元 bargain to 100元..

I bought another pair of shoes..Bape! bargained from 450元 to 100元..mad people, asking price so high..wonder how those westerners bargain..probably only by 40% to 50% or even worse, 20%..If I can buy it at 100元, I have a reason to mock them hahahah.. and yes I did the bargaining myself (speak more mandarin!)..XD

I bought 2 Hulu Si musical instruments..the one you're seeing is the better quality one (180元) actual price at 390元)..these are not bargain items nor in a bargain shopping centre, especially this better quality one. It was because of my Beijing tour guide that the shopowner decided on such a price for me. Usually they won't even go lower than 250元.. (the picture on the hulu si is hand crafted and it comes with a mouth piece made of Jade at the top).

HardRock Cafe SnowAngels Limited Edition Bear (130元) bought from the only HardRockCafe in China and Beijing itself.

This is the most expensive hat or rather, Fedora I bought in Beijing. (100元 from 180元) Bought from Beijing's 77th Street, the shopkeeper very difficult to bargain larhhs! Btw their 77th Street is really big as in the whole 77th Street is like a shopping centre, only that it is underground!! It has Watsons inside, food courts and even IP Zone was there. lol many many more shops to go! I'll find photos for you to see..I have another Straw Fedora hat which I bought at 50元but quality varies quite a lot.

Bought this Rabbit Bag which was once popular at 30元 hehehehe..from 90元 to 30元..

Some cute and fat baby panda soft toy I bought from a dinner restaurant. (30元)

Bought a JJ Lin look-alike neck-chain during his Beijing Olympic photoshoot. (17元) lol

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:00 AM