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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Been out almost everyday during these two weeks of holiday. Bought several apparel from Bugis Street too. Man is that place humid, though there's loads of things to buy. Actually, these products are from HK mostly. Hmm, might be planning to go there soon.

Yeah, I went to West Mall yesterday to sign up a new contract with Singtel and bought a new phone as well. Since it was cheaper, no harm buying it. Oh yeah, Nokia 5700...decided a while to get this phone as I was ponding over purchasing a Sony Eric W850i. Love it as it can be twisted so easily!! My previous line was signed up in 2002 (long long ago) and it'll still be on til this coming November. Please contact the new number from now on as I won't be using the previous one. I've sent smses to most of you and if you haven't got it, please ask me online. Thank you and sorry for the inconvinience caused!!

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

I chose the red one!! (because of colour combination and nothing else okay?!?!)

A Beyonce promo mini CD was given free...

Including a free 1GB micro SD card featuring Granado Espada...

Just for further information, N5700 package came with a 512MB micro SD card and a ear-plug headset.


Posted by BearBrickER at 10:47 PM

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Botak Jones

The day following my birthday bbq, my aunt and cousin came to return us some stuff. Well, my cousin told us about one great place he had ate at before. As you all know, my title tells it all. The name of the eatery is "Botak Jones" and it has a total of 5 outlets in SG. Anyway, my family suggested almost immediately to try it out. We headed the outlet in Clementi Blk 325 Kopitiam Botak Jones. In case you are wondering, Botak Jones sells Authentic American Food. An add on, here's the webby:

Went there at around 6pm, there was a slight queue. That queue was to only order the food yeah...We ordered in all:

3 sets of Fish & Chips ($6 Regular)
(a must-try featured in the Straits Times Sunday)
1 set of Cajun Chicken Plate ($7)
1 Tuna Salad ($5.50)
1 Cheese Fries ($7.50)

Total: $38

Waiting time for the Plates was 30 to 40 mins. That's a tad bit of too much waiting. Condiments were served at the very beginning, including mustard. We bought the regular Fish & Chips which costs 6 bucks. They gave too much fries with it!! Too little fish. Well, you can't expect much for $6. They do sell the large version which costs $10. We didn't expect so much fries!! The tuna salad tasted quite yummy and the cheese fries tasted awesome!!
I love the name "Botak Jones".
Sounds so appealing!!

Go Try It Out!!

Tuna Salad

Fish & Chips (with chilli fries)

Cheese Fries, love it!! Look at it,
it's the same size as the Fish and Chips!!


Posted by BearBrickER at 12:31 AM

Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthday BBQ

Woke up at 11am, Saturday.
Usual stuff on weekends, ate my breakfast which was bought home and went back to my room to play this game: Soldier Front from

At about 3pm, my poly friends came. Want me to name them?? Alright, here goes...

yan ling
jia kang
han jie

I think Zaidi lost a little of his way...nvm, in the end, he found it!
They came together in a group. When they stepped into my house, they asked me to play the piano and I did. Almost at the end of every song, they applauded!! LOL
After my oh so perfomance, I ran a movie "Norbit". It was quite comical and they were laughing throughout the film.

After a while, at about 3 plus, my secondary school mates, or rather, the Art Mates, arrived.

wee kiat
jia hui
wei jun

Went BBQing with them for a quite a while.
Wei Jun came much later, at almost 6...
Well, sat down and ate with them. They asked me to open their present. In one the bags held two different brands of lucheon meat. HAHAH, funny presents, always the protocol of this group!! 2nd present was two scents in the shape of a bikini. -.-" LOL...3rd present was wrapped in a box. They told me there was something moving inside but I knew they were kidding. Opened it and there laid a wallet and a perfume inside. Pretty sweet. Michelle went off first as she had to have dinner with her family. After Wei Jun finished eating, they went back. Well, cya again guys in the next meeting!!

I attended to my poly friends and after the movie, Jia Kang and Ping had to go someplace else. Ping had to work, I think. Brought some of them up to my room and they watched "Borat". The actor for Borat is the actor in "My Name Is Earl". This show was even funnier than Norbit with a little of frontal jokes on sexuality and Borat's stupidity. My relatives came after a while including my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousin and niece. The adults gave me ang pows for my birthday gift. HAHAH!!

Went to BBQ with my poly friends. Kenneth requested that he barbecue some two days before. LOL Why not?? Zaidi asked me to open this present but I did it secretly. HAHAH It was a drawing of me that he had done. Quite sentimental yeah.
We had our fun barbecueing and took off to my room once the fire died the 3rd time.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my Birthday BBQ everyone!!
Also, a great big appreciation to my family for setting this party too!!
In all, I had my share of fun too!!

Random Pics


Posted by BearBrickER at 11:24 AM

Friday, June 15, 2007

Location Recce

Wassup with these days ya'll??

On Thursday, Aylwin, Affa, Alex and I went location recce for our film. Woke up late...10.30am when we were supposed to meet at 11am Outram Park Station. Aylwin called me at 10.30 to meet up with him at JE yeah. Anyhoo, reached there almost in time. Affa went there early but we couldn't see her at all!! LOL
Nah, she was actually at the transit to Harbourfront Centre and we made a guess which was right!!

Rode to Vivo City instead since we were quite near there. All of us didn't have our breakfast hence we ate at Banquet. Affa and I ordered Char Kway Tiao and both Aylwin and Alex ordered some noodles with soup meal.

After all that happened, we took the monorail to Sentosa. It costs 3 bucks per ticket (to and fro). See Aylwin, I won!! ($3 ain't it??) HAHAH...ignore me, just jacking around...

The monorail was in a sense, quite cute due to the handle supports and middle joint. We reached Sentosa and headed to Palawan Beach. Had to do quite a bit of location recce as majority of our short film will be filmed at Sentosa. We asked a few people to enroll for casting too. The few people consisted of kids and teenagers. We'll be having casting at 2pm, next Saturday, 23rd June, at Esplanade's Rooftop Entrance. Having said all that, we went to both Tanjong and Siloso Beach too. And golly, I had my arms sunburnt!! I was wearing black, how clever of me.

Well, we took a few rests at times due to exhaustion and
It definitely felt as though we were in the Sahara Desert. After all that ordeal, the time was already 5.30pm. We took the tramp to the Sentosa monorail station and rode the monorail back to Vivo City. Reached Vivo at about 6pm and bought some Chilli Fries from SuperDog. Once again, I took a lift home from my parents.

Just cracking with ue guys!!

Cafe Del Mar (The Place where You Relax on Beds) lol

Cafe Del Mar (off the coast of Siloso Beach)




that'll be Me...LoL

cam-whoring...actually...we all did it!! except aylwin??

"Hey!! Why did ue snap a photo of me above?"


Posted by BearBrickER at 11:53 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Filming Initiated


Okay, so today was quite happening. Woke up at 10.30 in the morning and ate my breakfast (I needed it for today). Almost as usual, my dad drove me to Jurong Point. Met up with Zaidi there and took the train to City Hall. We headed to the Esplanade to meet up with the cast and crew of our film "A Bears Night Out". Visit Alywin's and our film's blog: for further information about the film.

Reached the rooftop entrance and only found Alywin and Han Jie sitting on the floor. -.-"
It was totally humid over there and I went down to the library twice, each time with Alywin and Kenneth respectively. At about 1.30pm, the cast and crew had arrived. Met Alex (Producer) and Sebastian (Cameraman).
Basically, we got clearer with our roles and what were we supposed to do. Going on location finding on Thursday with some of the crew members.

HJ's hood up...

After all the discussion, we went to Marina Square to have our lunch. After eating, we decided to go kboxing. Had a great time singing with Alywin, Jia Kang, Jessica, Yan Ling and Shaun. Ended at 9pm and we headed home. On the way back, I went to Long John Silvers's to get my dinner back home. It's kinda late right now so I guess I'll turn in soon.


Posted by BearBrickER at 1:45 AM

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sudden urge to blog...

Today. A wholesome day spent on clothes and material needs shopping. Shopping all the way from Bugis Street, Heerens (77th Street), a little on Lucky Plaza, and to Far East Plaza...

Headed out at 12.30pm to wei jun's house. We went on to Bugis Junction to have our lunch. I showed him a great cafe and we ate there. The name of the cafe is "V8 Cafe" and they sell really nice food. Its ambience consists of nice comfy cushions to sit on and television screens almost everywhere on the wall.

We ordered fish and chips and I ordered an additional cheesy potatoe wedges. Man, it's so scrumptious!! Spent about 40 mins there bcoz we were watching the movie "Just Follow Law" that they were showing.

My Fish and Chips which comes with POTATOE WEDGES which I seriously didn't know!!

Cheesy Potatoe Wedges, tastes really good...

The Mushroom Soup which came with the Fish and Chips...


After eating we went to Bugis Street to take a look at the stuff they sell there. Well, frankly, it's my first time there and I've only seen the place through photos!! HAhah...
Met up with ZAIDI at Bugis Street itself and we looked for my white blazer but to no avail...

We headed to Somerset to meet Zaidi's "friend" who bought some books from him. OMG! It was a woman who played warcraft and she's leader of a guild according to Zaidi!! She seemed about 28 to 32 years of age and quite pretty!! LOL! Plus she's driving a car and basically a businesswoman...Whoa!!

On to Heerens's 77th Street. Found a white blazer but it was so damn expensive!! Oh god!! There was absolutely no way I was gonna buy that blazer!!.
Now off to Lucky Plaza...I personally did not really like that place the moment I stepped into it. It seemed so old but I guess it's passable though.

To Far East Plaza we went and that was where I bought my blazer. It's leather...probably cow's hide or something else?? Anyway, it looked pretty awesome to me and to the guys so I got it. Zaidi bought a sunglass and bracelet from Heeren, a shirt from Far East Plaza and a Gatsby Moving Rubber from out his blog:
Wei Jun got a shirt and pants from Bugis Street
Well, I got only a blazer from Far East Plaza... ^^

While taking the MRT to Somerset


Posted by BearBrickER at 1:15 AM