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Be@rbricks are phat!

Pinned on 21st May 2009


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Friday, November 28, 2008

IP Zone amazed me..
Usually when I take a look at IP Zone outlets in Singapore, it'll feel kind of that, it is much much better than Giodarno and Hang Ten..I'm sick of these two brands. My next sick-of brand, if they don't create nicer apparel, will be Bossini. Baleno is doing well, although its outlets look ordinary, the jeans and tees look appealing. IP Zone is definitely more for the "young at heart"s and will not rest till they have made a name for themselves. If you have noticed, many outlets are joined to Samuel & Kevin. Collaboration. Nonetheless, when I went to IMM's IP Zone, I saw this jacket which I'm sure a lot of Singaporeans would buy it. Pretty stylistic right? And the surprise-bomb is its price. An affordable 29.90 SGD. This price tag is after a heavy discount, from $88.90 (yarh right =.=") to $29.90. $88.90 was what they indicated for the original price. This jacket may look heavy and when worn, too "hot" and humid for you but you're in for a surprise. It is light-weight and therefore you won't sweat a lot.

This is me NOT wearing that jacket. Some pretty long-ago photos, by which is a few months, at my cousin Jessie and cousin-in-law Pao Kun's wedding.

Group photo of cousins and cousin-to-be (1st girl from the right)!

Posted by BearBrickER at 11:14 PM
Yay I sang my piece to JJ on Sunday!
Was nervous when entering the audition room because there were so many people there, including video camera and camera men..and helpers..
Xu Huan Liang was also there and another boss of OB was present too..
Although my number was 31 and another friend of mine was 8, I went in 1st! hahah
They grouped us according to those playing instruments & singing, then others who were using minus one tracks, those who qing chang, group vocals etc..
My body was trembling from the nervous prostration I was experiencing..
Nonetheless, I did my best (no "Puo Yin" and breathing was fine)..while playing the piano, I made the effort to look at the 3 judges but I think I looked more at Xu Huan Liang, JJ then the other boss..and one blunder I made though..I didn't mention I love composing etc..*U^!!@&!^#&@(@#!!
Really praying I can enter the 2nd rounds and tell them that..=X
nvm pray hard larh!

Anyway I just realised the lyrics in the song I sang, "点

一把火炬" was written by Xu Huan Liang (Billy Koh),

also composed by JJ basically when I sang that

song, I was singing to its creators?! omg........

and btw, my main pc is infected with a virus from friendster..using my 2nd pc to blog and the main pc, which is beside me, is under recovery..i think it's almost done! yes it's done!

Posted by BearBrickER at 4:25 PM

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beijing Welcomes You
Yay, will be going to Beijing, China come 5th December. Will be going for 8 days..(someone has to take care of my hamsters! =]...)
Usually I'm not that excited to travel in China but this time round it's Beijing! The 2008 Olympics was held there and the last time I went there I was only 5 years old, that was in 1995 btw..=.="
And things there are also much cheaper than SG..
Beijing Fashion Street here I come! lmao..
Oh yarhh I will also be heading to Chengde and Tianjin, different cities, by China's new Bullet Train!

The bullet train service just started this year before the Olympics. Cool looks just like the Japan one..

This is how fast a bullet train travels.

And btw, my relatives, cousin Frank and Rachel with their mom is on SIA right now flying to Beijing too! LOL too bad we didn't book together..they'll be going for 5 days tour and 3 days free&easy..they have 3 days to shop a lot!....=X Mine's an 8 day tour, but disadvantage is not being able to move around THAT freely compared to them..nvm I will love the bullet train for sure. They'll not be taking as they'll only be in Beijing..anyway they had taken the Japan's bullet train before last year..hahah!!

1st of all I'm gonna get a winter jacket bcoz I reckon there'll be snow and my dad dosen't have a proper one so I'm passing him my was snowing the last time I went there. And heads-up for my relatives..once they reach there it might snow on Thursday, basing on weather forecast updates, but then again it's November.

And the 2nd thing I'm getting are caps and hats!

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go" - excerpt from a classic song

Well..actually, not really's almost empty inside..I'll do the same like what I did for other trips, last minute packing hahahah..FIne i'll try to pack soon..leave space for China products!

I actually have a 2nd bag packed into my luggage..So I have 2 hand-carry bags and a luggage..preparing for the items I'll be buying lol..


Day 1: Singapore to Beijing by SIA - Tiananmen Square/Forbidden City/Beihai Park/Pub Street at ShiShaHai/Wangfujing Acrobatic Show and also Wang Fu Jing's famous shopping street!

Day 2: Summer Palace/*Cruise on Lake of Kunming (depending on whether the lake is frozen lmao)/Hall of Tea Arts/Zhonghua Millennium Memorial(should be quite boring)/Olympic Stadium & Cubic Swimming Hall!!!

Day 3: Great Wall of China/Ming Tomb/Tian Long Yuan Hot Spring Resort

Day 4: Beijing Underground City/Trishaw Ride in Hutong and Courtyard/Happy Valley Theme Park (hehehehe too bad I don't take rides except for the cable car and ferris wheel)/Show of the Golden Face

Day 5: Beijing to Tianjin and back to Beijing again by Bullet Train! - Cultural Street/Food Street/Zhang Clay Figurines (and at night I'll be back in Beijing)

Day 6: Beijing's Front Gate aka Da Qian Men/ Proceed to Chengde (reaching around afternoon, will be exploring the city itself and staying in one of Chengde's hotels)

Day 7: Chengde to Beijing/ Summer Resort/Small Potala/Xiu Shui Plaza (Fashion Wholesale Market) *here I come lol

Day 8: Free and easy in Beijing (arrangments can be made with local China's tourguide for transport to more shopping places) Will be taking a night flight back to Singapore.

Day 9: Will be reaching Changi Airport in the wee morning. (Don't think I can make it for my vocal class, will be sleepy like a hamster, YES, like a hamster)


And this will be my 1st time wearing thermal pants since years ago when I was in South Korea (10 years old)..I'm gonna skip the thermal shirt because I have extra body fats which I can't wait to burn them off when I lose heat to the surroundings..Minus 5 degree celcius! woohoo!

Posted by BearBrickER at 10:55 PM

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Fedora
Fedora is a type of hat..=]

Went for vocal class just now and just sang my audition piece for practice again in front of HuanJie 老师 and my vocal classmates..seems like i'll be the only one playing the keyboard/piano and singing..我明天会在JJ的面前自弹自唱JJ的"點一把火炬"!! will be singing JJ Lin's song in front of him! i'm quite nervous and excited right now as i'm typing..I'll be auditioning for Ocean Butterflies Music Forest "Very Singer 5th Batch" aka 海蝶森林"非常歌手讯练班"..
Okay I'll have to place myself in full composure right now..*done*..
After vocals, I went to get a Fedora aka "cowboy" hat (it isn't called a cowboy hat anyway). I think it'll suit me better 2ml bcoz I was told a "not too hip-hop" apparel will be more suitable for tomorrow's audition. Anyway I went to Orchard Road again =.="..Went to Far East Plaza to get it..(=.=" again) Searched for nicer designs high and low and in the end I bought this Fedora.
After buying I went to Gek Poh Shopping Centre to get my hair cut because I felt it was too unkempt. Was totally lazy to get it cut but for the auditions I did so. Sides, back and the top are shorter and thiner now

Anyway with the unkempt hair the Fedora didn't look nice on my head at all because my side burns kept on "bursting" outwards? Yeah I feel kinda akward bcoz it's my 1st time wearing a Fedora.
Side view.........

Look at da caps 1st Fedora!! hahah!

Doing the side-cheek smile pose..(is that how JJ does it?? Nevermind shall see him 2ml!) XP

Posted by BearBrickER at 11:26 PM

Yeah just wanna let you guys know that I do have several other blogs, some revealed to the public on my profile and the others are kept secret (not private blogs). This is another open blog for Bearbrick lovers alike. The BearBrickBlog is powered by "LowBrow Art Movement".
General: The BearBrickBlog features new and upcoming Bearbricks for the public domain and is created by Terenze "BearBrickER". Hosted by Blogger and inspired by BearbrickLover.

Feel free to check it out =]

Posted by BearBrickER at 2:51 AM

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to my Bearbrick family Royalefam! =p

"Bearbricks take a shit on my sofa" taken from 林俊杰的"不潮不用花钱"..

"YAY" goes the Bearbricks and me..

Just this afternoon I went alone (a solo's sorrow) to Orchard Road to get my Royalefam Bearbrick set. Designed by Mark Ong, a globally well known Singaporean designer (he's more well known in the US, mainly NYC and Brooklyn..also has a few celebrity supporters such as one of the members in Linkin Park), this Bearbrick features Royalefam's signature camouflage. =D


Walked in the rain with an umbrella to Pacific Plaza, an extremely nice & warm place to be in, there are also quite a lot of designers' stuff for sale over there and frankly, you'll feel kinda "grand" when you step into the plaza.

I went to Gallery, Royalefam's only shop in Singapore (besides the online shop =.=")

Look at all the Nike shoes, i think most of the shoes in this photo are custom-made and designed by Mark himself

the other column of Nike shoes..(Nike Galore?)

Each shoe cost about $180 average because of its limited quantity and "re-configuration" made..there are much MORE expensive ones (below..)

This particular shoe here called the "Jackal & Hyde Dunk Hi: Red" cost 650 dollars and that's in USD hahah..only 8 pairs are limited, most have been sold out only leaving with only size 10 and that's MY SIZE!! "=X =( =[ ={" I want it..i want..wait till I'm working full time..

The entrance to Gallery..

It was still pouring heavy rain when I stepped out of Pacific and I had to get my umbrella out again but shielding my Bearbrick this time round..and look, Christmas decorations have been already set up..=]

Ay photos of my Royalefam Bearbrick below!~

400% and 100% (that's the special box at the side) the only difference from other boxes is that you'll need to slide the package special is that? not special at all..=D

400% with the emphasis on the Royalefam logo

100% under macro..
Official Royalefam Bearbrick poster
Here's my Bearbrick family..still very small..I will need more 100% ones to fill up the gap! (BTW the Bearbrick inside the Bearbook package you're seeing is an actual Bearbrick..) I heard from my friend that Bearbricks sold in China will be much cheaper..I will have to take a look at that (at times or is it most of the time they are fakes and people who don't even know the difference between a real Bearbrick and fake one they must be really blind..)

Come on don't tell me you can't tell the difference between both of them?!~
Credits* Photo by: Juan Ariel Comia aka Bearbrick Lover

Breaking News: Real Spidey Bearbrick (Right) is saving those who are "blind" from buying the fake spidey (Left) and proclaming they are actual Bearbricks because whenever they see a plastic bear they call it a Bearbrick

The real one looks more squarish and they have hands which can be turned and the fake one has no hands..

ps. because of its stupid rounded legs, the fake one can't even stand!

Posted by BearBrickER at 10:53 PM

Sunday, November 16, 2008

On MC (Hammer) For 2 days..

No Internet For 2 days..


Here's JJ making a fool out of himself..XP

Still loving my Bearbrick after so many months..looks like it does contain some "magical echantment"..XD

These are my "Toufu"s by Semk Design..(The one below is really a speaker and those 2 above are really clocks..)


Good News!! The Shih Tzu doggie found at my house wasn't fact, her owner went out into the middle of the street, walking to as far as the main road, crying like a ghost while calling her dog's name..doggie's 6 years old..the owner was so thankful and greatful..she even gave us a box of chocolate from Sweden..lmao..didn't want to accept actually but she really insisted..took 3 selections and found them to be too that was all I family eating the rest now..=]


Was on MC for 2 days and just so as happens, my modem broke down like a piece of I was stranded from the freeway of the internet..didn't know that I'll feel so kinda lost without the internet..

词曲:Terenze Foo (Singapore) @ Musicaland Records

(Verse) 生活里的每一晚

(Bridge to Chorus) 但是这一天你的网上断了连结
你没有想过这一天, 又要怎么办

(Chorus) 不要利用我们每天用的网路上 WHOAHOO
(2nd Chorus) 就是这样你才发现网路上是珍贵的

(2nd Verse) 生活绕转网路上

They say those people who use a lot of internet
They are the ones who are called “No Lifes”
But think again you’re the one without the “net”
You’re truly the one with no life

Anyway my favourite potatoe chips will have to be Ruffles (not your doggie Rachel =p)..I don't think any other major brands can match THE TASTE of the Ruffles..and I especially like the newest flavour: "Cheddar and Sour Cream"..

Wanna see how potatoe chips are made? Check out this clip..courtesy of "How It's Made".

Posted by BearBrickER at 1:57 AM

Monday, November 10, 2008

[Art of Zen]
Title: Ice Cubes In A Mug

I have sent in my application form for "非常歌手训练班" to Wewe and have attached 2 photos (one full body and the other, above waist)

Anyway, celebrated my mom's birthday at Riverview Hotel after my training..
(sorry, I look so "dao" there..shouldn't have gave that pose lol :p)

mom and dad..

my brother and I

and I also bought presents for everyone, including myself! hehe..all presents by SEMK design..

gave my mom a cupcake speaker, dad a magnetic paper clip (since he works so hard), my bro the dog (looks more retro for our generation) and myself the toufu speaker (it's for bedside usage, isn't really meant for blasting)

My mom and I at the hotel lobby..

yeah and btw, my dad found a dog in our carporch yesterday..(some stupid, inconsiderate, heartless billy probably abandoned the poor Shih Tzu) it's a female dog..pretty old..

when I went out of my house it was opposite of my house, laying on the ground, licking its hinds

after some moment, I went to the kitchen to get it some water

then it wanted to go into my house, as in carporch, so i brought it in

then it lay on my welcome this time we had already called the SPCA because we thought it was injured or something (it was limping when it was walking) but it wasn't injured at all..

she's very cute, tried to lick my foot but didn't..

after about half an hour the SPCA van came..

driver's an indian guy, she walked towards him straight away (he has animal scent all over his body) didn't need to use the dog catcher (no need for it anyway)

he carried her and put it into the front was kinda cold inside..very comfy for animals..

and they left..

IMPORTANT: Those of who want to adopt her, please go directly to SPCA and collect her on the spot..Her reference number is "76539", if you forgot this number, just tell them it's an old FEMALE shih tzu..she's kinda old and if after SPCA's advertising on the newspapers etc and nobody adopts it, they'll, sadly, put her to sleep which I think is the fucking (1st tim vulgarity in here) owner's fault..hope he or she dies a terrible death..

If you wanna buy/purchase a pet, please take care of it forever, until it dies/passes away..don't take care of it halfway and then decide to abandon it! That is downright cruel and under the law if you do that and if i spot you doing that, I'll swear I'll make you get fine heavily or go to jail for intiating animal cruelty..

:::SPOOF on President-elect Obama:::

Obama's a terrorist!! Really?? Come on, although his middle name's Hussein and last name is close to "Osama", he lived in Indonesia for a period of time, he went to a Muslim school when he was young (OF COURSE! he was in Indonesia you bozos!!) etc, he's still AA (African American) or Black..this is what I call "full freedom" can only have the fullest of that in America..=D

Obama is a Terrorist! - Funny bloopers are a click away

I think this video is a lil racist, especially at that part when that girl said "did he mention, that, he's black?"

Posted by BearBrickER at 5:21 PM